Sunday, September 19, 2010


Right before I put Chubbs down in her crib tonight, I gave her an extra long hold/squeeze. Her chubby legs dangled in front of me and her little arms wrapped around me. Her face fit perfectly in the crook of my neck, and we had a moment of just holding. It occurred to me that this weekend has been so incredibly busy, I haven't had a chance to really hold my daughter. I hate that. I am so looking forward to more time with her tomorrow (although that includes a hearing test...yikes)

So, after my discouragement on yesterday's post, I have to share how encouraged I was at tonight's party at my friend Sarah's house. I met some new friends, one of which is a very nice special ed teacher here in my district. I asked her if she worked with any kids with Down Syndrome and her face lit up as she got all excited and replied that yes, she did. This little girl's name is Bella and is in second grade. The special ed teacher went on to explain her in glowing terms- very social, so stinkin' adorable she wants to just take her home with her each night, loves to read (and reads better than some of the other kids her age), and is very nurturing to the other kids. I was so excited to hear that this little girl was doing so well and was so on track with her peers.

I then turned to the other side to talk to Sarah who teaches at a different high school. She told me that last week at homecoming- the girl who was voted homecoming queen had Down Syndrome. She said as she watched the girl go forward to be crowned homecoming queen, she could totally imagine that as Addison some day and she got a little bit choked up. Just hearing her tell the story made me want to cry.

Both of these stories were so encouraging to me I wanted to share them to counter any negativity I may have expressed on yesterday's post. (-: It may be the littlest things that drag me down, but it only takes small stories such as these to bring me back up again in a heart beat.

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  1. I commented on your post yesterday but I must have forgotten to hit post. I would have been discouraged at the event you went to as well- you were brave to go!
    This WAS encouraging- I think we are going to be amazed at what our little girls accomplish!


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