Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Deviating from the List

I had big plans for today. Big plans to take care of the disaster I call my house. Today was the first day in a long while that I was home all day with no appointments and I intended to make full use of it. (Being somewhat of a homebody, days like this haven't happened enough lately in my opinion)

I started the day off well, making a simple centerpiece with pumpkins from my garden and leaves from my yard. I felt that if my table boasted a darling centerpiece, it would inspire me to bring the rest of the house up to its level of greatness.Yeah, that didn't work so well. I didn't get my list of household tasks done. I completely let down my centerpiece.

What did I do all day?
I spent some quality time relishing my Pumpkin Spice coffee while watching Chubbs play.
I stubbed my toe pretty badly and trailed blood through most of the house before I realized the mess I had made.
I did countless loads of laundry (yes, I can count to 5, but countless sounds better).
At the last minute, I got to meet my friend's brand new baby and snuggle with him for a bit (what a sweetheart!).
I tried a new gluten free apple "crisp" recipe with maple syrup and almonds (wow, it was yummy).
I took a nap with Chubbs, and I let her finish her nap on my shoulder when she was crying out with some rough dreams.
I spent time working with Chubbs to get her to sit up (she is doing awesome).
I spent hours tracking down the nurse of the nurse of the doctor of the surgeon in Boston to get more info on Addison's surgery (post to follow).
I prepped dinner to be finished when Aaron arrives home shortly (beef, onion and mushroom sauteed with a little butter and onion soup mix over rice....simple, but good)

And that pretty much brings us to now. Hmmm, the house is still a disaster.

I am convinced that you have those days where your list falls by the wayside....but it doesn't make that day any less profitable. I think when Addison is recovering in the hospital after surgery, it is days like today that I will remember fondly to help me get through. Unhurried, precious time snuggling, sleeping, and just hanging out. Good day.

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