Saturday, September 11, 2010

defining happiness

Today was a very busy day- rehearsal (yes I finally made it to this one) and bridal shower at church for me, charity wiffle ball game for Aaron, strenuous exercise and napping for Chubbs with the PCA. Tonight as we were all gathered together, we ate fabulous homemade pizza and sipped sweet tea out of our respective glasses (I prefer a goblet while Aaron prefers a mason glass jar while Chubbs substituted prune juice for sweet tea and tried out a sippy cup...big fail there).

After that was finished, we decided that we only live once and kept Chubbs up a touch longer than usual to cuddle and we all watched a movie together. She seemed to thrive on the extra attention. We all sat together on the big white couch, attempting to watch the movie, but Chubbs kept laughing and laughing and that was waaaay more interesting than whatever happened going on up on the big screen.

She would throw her head back with a huge smile and then little giggles just started to spill forth from her like she had been holding them all back for weeks saved up just for us in that special moment as a family. Lying there on the couch- propped up against my husband, holding my laughing, precious baby girl whose little arms were holding so tightly onto me, I felt like that moment defined the very word "happiness".

At the bridal shower this morning, I thought back to when I was looking forward to my wedding and then our wedding day and how much we have both changed since that day. How much growing up we had to do and we really had no clue. How many tears we would have to shed before we really got to enjoy our first child when way back then in our innocence, we assumed that our worst problems in parenting would be perhaps discipline issues.

As I sat down to describe that moment, I couldn't help but think of a ZITs comic that I had seen a few weeks back and found it to be so true. It also signified the attitude change that I have had since being married, because I think when I got married I thought more like the teenager than the parents (since I really wasn't that far from still being a teenager when I did get married):

Yep, as I lay on the couch with my little family tonight that is exactly what I was thinking tonight. "Life doesn't get any better than this." So true! 4-5 years ago, when I was still looking toward getting married, I thought I was looking for something more grand and spectacular out of life. I didn't realize that all I needed to be perfectly happy and content was right in front of me- enjoying each moment as it comes and being happy with whatever hand I happened to be dealt at the moment. Sometimes I wish I could go back to a past Deanna and tell her a few things to help her through the things that I know are coming....

In conclusion, some pics:

Mommy got up to refill her sweet tea and came back to find this sweet picture:

Keep trying to get Chubbs to play with her stuffed far, no luck.

I can tell that she is contemplating causing some sort of trouble in this picture....hmmmm.

The light on this pic is awful, but check out her hair. Is it me or did it seem to just grow in over night?


  1. I have to come here every day to get my Addison fix:) She is just so sweet! Lily is getting more hair every day too- can't wait to bring on the bows!!

  2. no .... life can't get any better .... very true ... i've been enjoing it since almost 20 years ...
    life is sooo good

    regards from Switzerland


  3. Beautiful post!! You made me all teary-eyed because I completely understand that feeling of happiness in the most simple moments...

  4. So true...its the small simple moments that make our life the happiest! Loved this post...and Addison is the cutest, chubbiest little baby ever...I just love pictures of her!!


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