Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Daddy's Girl

One of my favorite things about becoming a parent is becoming a parent right along side my husband. Watching him with Addison is really amazing. Aaron is a rather rough and tough guy that scares most other babies (including his niece Svana), but when Addison sees him, her face lights up in a huge smile and a small giggle can possibly be heard. She loves her Daddy. She loves her mower/tractor/ditch witch riding lessons, and she loves being flown around the room in a precarious fashion in the safety of Daddy's arms. She just loves snuggling and spending time with him. Here are some pictures from their recent adventures:

"Hmmmm, so this is your truck?"

"Sniff, sniff. Something smells funny....."

"I like your truck, Daddy."

"But I don't like sitting in it alone...."

"much better"
(note: please just ignore Chubbs' poor finger placement. This was such a cute picture of them, I chose to overlook it....lol)

"Let go, it's my turn to drive!"

"I'm losing interest in this since there is no food involved. Let's go play inside."
"Look at me. I can stand!"

"can we go flying?"


"Let's fly again!"



  1. Addison is so sweet! Sweet family! :)

  2. She has so many expressions, I love them!:) What a sweet relationship Addison has with her Daddy, that is adorable. I love the picture of her "driving":)

  3. Awww, a Daddy's girl, sooo cute!


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