Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Changing of the Clothes

Yesterday while I was at work, I asked Addison's PCA if she would sort through Addison's clothes. I asked her if she could take out the things that are now too small and weed out the seasonally inappropriate clothes. When I came home from work, I investigated what she had done. She had done a marvelous job- neatly folded, organized clothes met my eye.

But when I looked closer and realized which outfits were now packed away, I started to freak out! I started randomly pulling outfits from the bin and chucking them onto the floor saying to myself that surely she could still squeeze into this and why wouldn't a tank top/short combo be OK for the dead of winter when we went somewhere where the heat was on exceptionally high....

I love all of Addison's little outfits that she has collected! A lot of them come from very dear friends, and many of the outfits I now also associate with wonderful events and good times that we have had together as a family this summer. I grieved for all of the cuteness that was now being boxed away and then went to check out what was now on the shelves. I was greeted by some adorable fallish/wintery outfits (not too many to where I shouldn't still shop the sales (-: ......), but enough to where I knew we would be OK.

When I pulled out a fall outfit to put on Addison today, throwing on a hat for good measure, I knew everything was going to be all right when this became Addison's new look:

"Ooooooh, what are these?"

"It's OK that my stomach will be cold because my head is covered..."

"Hug Me"

"I wonder if Mom has noticed that I kicked off both socks a long time ago"

"Does this photo shoot include a beverage break?"

...almost there

Happy fall, everyone! May the sweater/boot/hat season begin! (speaking of boots...has anyone seen newborn sized Uggs on sale?)


  1. She looks adorable in her fall attire! Can't wait for cooler weather, that's cooler, not cold!

  2. Slightly jealous that your Fall has started already! It will be awhile yet down South. and it will only last for a couple of weeks. :( Maybe I'll just spend the entire Fall season with you guys!!! ;) Minneapolis turned me into a complete hats and scarves girl!

    what size is Addison wearing these days?

  3. love vermont fall! it is so much more beautiful than a mn should totally come visit! addison is holding pretty steady in 6 month clothes...that is one reason why it is so hard to pack all of the summer stuff away....she hasn't really grown out of it yet )-:

  4. Addison looks adorable in her new fall outfit! Love the hat, but I especially love Addison IN the hat! So sweet! My favorite pic is where Addison is checking out her mittens.


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