Saturday, September 25, 2010

books, bumboless sitting, blowouts

Addison loves books...

...they are delicious....

"Wait, did you see me do that? How embarrassing."

This morning she fell asleep on her ball and had an imprint of a circle on her face for about an hour....I tried to remove the ball from her grasp and get her in a more comfortable position, but she would have none of it as she clung to the ball with a death grip with her face squished right up next to it....

Ready for this? Drumroll, please.
For the very first time, we got a semblance of Addison sitting up without us supporting her in some way. This is not a great picture, as I didn't want to hands to be distracted with the camera for too long so that I could be prepared for the dive that was soon to follow each sit up endeavor. She did sit up straighter than this.....I sat there clapping and telling her how proud of her I was and she just kept smiling back at me. She seemed pretty pleased with herself.

Until she decided that she had had enough. I would see this face and then the downward descent would begin. (don't worry, there were no accidents in today's therapy exercises)

What can I say? This girl plays hard.

Hmmmmm, I didn't realize this outfit had a belt....
HAHAHAHA. The best part about this picture is- I was heading out the door to a performance when it occurred, so Aaron had to handle it solo. I heard reports of green bean poop smooshed all over everything as he undressed her and then gave her her bath. What a great Daddy! (ironically enough, the onesie says "I love Daddy")LOL
This just makes me laugh. First time this has happened as well! A day for firsts! She waited until she was in white to do this. She likes dramatic statements.


  1. Haha I always love reading your posts! You make Addison come to life through your pictures! Wish I could meet her in person :)

  2. I agree with Ashley, Addisons personality just shines through in your posts, and they always make me smile :)
    She is doing so great with the sitting! That was the milestone I was so proud of watching Russell meet because he worked so hard for so long to get there...Yaay Addison, keep up the good work!

  3. Yay Addison, you are getting to be such a big'll be sitting by yourself in no time!

  4. Yay for sitting!! She is the sweetest, I wish we lived closer to schedule a playdate with Lily and Addison!

  5. Great job with the sitting, Addison! I know you're working hard!


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