Friday, September 17, 2010

"Baby it's (getting) Cold Outside"

I had a long chat with Addison today. Since she spent most of last winter in the NICU, she really has yet to experience a true Vermont winter. I tried to prepare her for what is ahead as it now seems to get colder and colder every day. Yes, there will be fun times of skiing and sledding, but also some very cold times. I was surprised by her response.

I guess she really is a true Vermonter.

(shout out to Grandma Smith for the awesome new boots)


  1. She looks so cute!! I love her response:)

  2. She is a strong girl! She can take on anything ;)

  3. The top right pic. is my favorite! Absolute gales of laughter! She's got to be about the most flexible child ever - to be able to do a split like that from underneath! Wowsers!


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