Sunday, August 22, 2010

Socks Inspire Grandma

One of my co-workers gave me these socks a couple of weeks ago. SO CUTE! There was only one problem. Addison had no clothes that matched....hmmm..when Grandma Smith saw these socks it inspired her to greatness....
Teaser shot of the outfit that Grandma made around the socks

What did Chubbs think of the outfit from Grandma? I think she liked it.

"Posing time to make mom happy. Look bored. check."
"Coy model pose:"

"Look excited? easy one."
"K, are we done here?"
"Wait, I wasn't ready for that shot!"

"This is stupid."
"A little more like it. I like to play with this cool ball."

"Wait, now I have to sit up? Ridiculous. If I can't see her, maybe she can't see me and will stop taking pictures."

"I don't think my strategy is working..."

"Plan B: Crying until Daddy comes to rescue me."

"Oh Daddy, there you are. Please make this madness stop! Mom has totally lost it."


Thanks, Grandma Smith for the cute outfit- and thanks, Abby for the socks! Only the best and cutest for our Chubbs!


  1. Lol....this made me laugh. What cute adorable pictures!! (And a great outfit by the way!)

  2. Awesome in every way! Love it! Your captions just make me laugh. :-D

  3. My goodness! Those socks are the cutest I've ever seen! And Grandma Smith's outfit is beautiful!! Addison looks so sweet in her new socks, dress, and hat! I love it! I think Addison enjoys posing for pictures, am I right?

  4. Great job, Grandma Smith!


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