Wednesday, August 25, 2010

random pic update

"uh-oh, i just realized..."

"..i must have left my wallet at home..."
"solution: look as cute as possible..."

Chubbs, aren't you a little young to be playing outside by yourself???

couldn't resist throwing in a pic of my roses...they make me smile...

the eating experiment (as suggested by addison's OT). strip your baby down. put baby food on the high chair tray and let them experiment with the food. ha. here is how it went.

"not sure what is going on here...."
"i don't think i like it"

"oh, there's daddy. must not be too bad"


"here's what i think of this activity:"

attempting to free herself from the bumbo and, ultimately, sitting practice. where there's a will, there's a way.

"ahhhh, this is much more comfortable."


  1. I cannot stop laughing, these pictures are sooooo cute!!! She is so chubby and sweet! I wish Lily would get some more chub on her!:)

  2. Ha the bumbo escaping picture! Too cute!

  3. These pics are great!! I especially love the high chair pictures!

  4. You take the cutest pictures...I'm sure it helps that you have a cute subject to take pictures of! :)


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