Monday, August 9, 2010

pictures of "everything and nothing"

We have had a busy weekend. We celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary, Addison's 6 month birthday and my 26th birthday. Yeah.....planning on making this celebration stretch out at least until the end of the week....(-: Aaron ordered my present yesterday- a Zumba DVD workout collection....and pretty sure the celebration isn't over until that comes in the mail! HA! Here are some pics to catch you up on some play dates Addison had this past week as well as just some random pictures of Chubbs- of course with my snarky comments...(-:

Chubbs with Grandma enjoying the belly rub (don't expect that every night before bed)

Playing on the water slide at Grandpa and Grandma's house with cousin Svana. You would think that this would scare poor Addison, but she actually fusses more after a bath than she did for the water slide, so I am going to go out on a limb and say that she liked it!

Her friend Cooper came over and tried the slide as was a little chilly that time, so I don't think it was quite as fun for the kids....we'll have to hit it another time.

Notice how high her head is coming up during tummy time! She is getting to where she will hold it up for longer and longer periods of time and scoot herself around to face different directions.....

We met up with her friend Katelyn at the beach the other day and had a great time!

Katelyn had fun covering Chubbs' feet with wet sand. Chubbs had fun promptly shaking it all off and picking her feet right up.....

Check out that Budda belly! (Also, notice how well her Mic-Key scar is healing)

OK, so one of Aaron's dear friends bought Chubbs this Carhartt overall set. We are very thankful for the thoughtfulness, however I think Aaron was more enthusiastic than I was about the "feminine" apparel....

"Hmmmm, I'm sensing that this outfit is different than the ones mom usually puts me in..."

"Oh, OK. It makes sense now."

Farmer McPhee

Aaron made me this cake- entirely from scratch...including the icing! Impressed! It probably helps that he has his undergrad degree in Chemistry. He claims there is a lot of similarity between mixing up chemicals in a lab and mixing up ingredients to make a cake....I was very touched by the thoughtfulness of this gesture. What a great guy!


  1. We saw a carhartt jumper at a store in Vergennes. She needs that one! I wanted to get it, but it would've broken our budget!

  2. Ha ha, love the pictures, especialy the ones in her carharts! I think she knows girly clothes suit her better, lol
    And what a awesome slide!! My kids would die for something like that!! I am guessing our dogs would chew holes in it pretty fast though...
    Looks like Addison is doing great with tummy time, she is lifting her head so well!!


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