Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Playdate

happy baby...

So, today I did something that I haven't had the guts to do since week 19 of pregnancy, when I was told that my baby had Down Syndrome. I called a number given to me of another family with a DS child that lives nearby. I just couldn't bring myself to do this for the longest time. It's hard to explain. When I was pregnant, I thought, what if there is a small chance that the amnio is wrong? Also, I was so emotional about it I couldn't even talk to my Mother on the phone about it, let alone a complete stranger. And then once she was born, I have been going from one appointment to another and in my sparse down time, very hesitant to reach out like that.

But today, I did it. I called the number given to me months ago. She sounded so nice- Kelly. She lives only a few minutes from me and has twins that are sixteen months old. Jake and Stella. Stella has Down Syndrome and had a similar heart surgery, NICU, oxygen experience as Addison. I am so excited to meet Kelly next week for our play date and chat some more!

Smiling for her PT appointment, earlier today. ( I think she's happy about meeting her new friend Stella...and Jake, of course. She has laughed and smiled today more than she has in the last month.)

Her feet were looking a bit cold this morning, so I slipped her in a pair of old socks just lying around...

"It's even more fun to kick when I'm wearing these awesome socks!"

I'm convinced she is trying to form words. She concentrates so hard and then forms her lips different ways....
Doesn't everyone find this the most comfortable sleeping position?


  1. I am sooo glad that you made the call. I think you will find such peace in making friends with other moms who have kids with Ds. And then getting to see an older child and all that she can do will give you such hope for Addison's future. I can't wait to see pictures.

  2. jealous of the flexibility...and the wardrobe :)

  3. LOVE the first picture...what a beautiful smile Addison has!
    I regret not meeting some of the Moms the Nurses tried to get me to meet just after Russell was born. But I just wanst ready back then, I couldnt handle it, I didnt think I needed it...I feel differently now though. Good for you for calling and setting up a play date, thats awesome!
    Ha ha, love the sleeping picture too! How do they do it! Russell sleeps with his neck twisted in a very uncomfortable, unatural looking position...I try moving him at night and he just redoes it the second I move away!

  4. She is just SO yummy! I love all of her rolls and the smile is to die for!!!

    Good for you and your play date! I felt the same way about calling for EI....I literally dialed and hung up more times than I care to admit! Have fun!!!


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