Tuesday, August 10, 2010


So I am immensely pleased that Addison seems determined to go places. I put her in the middle of her play rug in the LR, leave the room and return minutes later to find that she has scooted off of the rug and changed the direction that she is facing. She is getting really great at rolling, esp from tummy to back, but I have caught her going back to tummy a few times as well. I am so proud of her hard work and love that she is moving!

Here is my problem. She is attached to an oxygen cord which tangles around her dangerously- especially since she is moving more. I left her playing on her back on her rug today. I left the room for five minutes, returned to find the cord wrapped around her 3 times. The first time was around her neck, the second around her stomach, the third around her legs. She was off the rug and totally tangled up. She had a big smile on her face as she really enjoyed the rolling and scooting. It really scared me. I don't want to scold her for being mobile- I am so proud of her for that! I can't watch her every second of the day, and in two weeks someone else will be watching her part of the time for me.

Anyone have any advice? I have asked the doctor who put her on the oxygen, and he had no answers for me. If this continues, I may have to take her off oxygen myself because this is seriously so unsafe. Have any of you dealt with having an increasingly more mobile child on oxygen? How do you protect them from the evils of the cord all the while allowing them the benefit of the oxygen?

Seriously, whoever came up with putting oxygen on babies in the first place? I put the cord for the blinds in her room on the opposite of her crib so that she wouldn't grab at them and get tangled up from bed. I put outlet protectors all over her room and the hallway long before she was actually born so she wouldn't go sticking things in there. I keep her crib as clutter free as possible so that she won't smother herself in the middle of the night. The baby proofing list goes on and on.....But we have a doctor's order to keep a cord attached to her body 24 hours a day? Seriously?

Right now as Addison is discovering that she can move and go places, I can think of absolutely no worse thing to have around her! She loves to grab it and stretch it across her body. She loves to eat it. She loves to play with it with her feet. It is like her comfort blanket. It has been there since she was born. She has no idea how dangerous it is to her, and I have no idea how to teach her that. HELP! I need advice!


  1. I don't have any experience with this obviously, but what if you found a way to pin/tape it to her outfit down the side of her body. I know there's still going to be loose cord below that, but maybe keeping the upper part of the cord tied down will keep it from going around her neck at least.

  2. My advice was going to be the same as Karen's....tape it down her back or attach it to her clothes so that if it does wrap it wraps around her legs???? I'm sorry I don't have any better advice or tips...I know what it's like to have one on the GO and I can't imagine what I'd do. Good luck and hopefully someone will have a better solution or BTDT advice...if not I hope the Dr's release her of her oxygen soon!!!

  3. well, i usually dress her over top of the tube, so the tube runs the length of her body under her onesie and then out one leg. that usually does help, but doesn't alleviate the problem. frustrated.

  4. If she were upright in a little jumper-seat or one of the play seats that rocks a bit with toys to entertain her do you think she would be less likely to tangle herself, especially around her neck and face? Then when you could be with her without leaving you could let her have tummy time and floor time so you could keep an eye on the situation. (I'm not sure what to think about the whole sleeping through the night and early wake up time in her crib with the oxygen though. I agree that would be an intimidating situation. I'll pray that the Dr. has better advice than mine. :-)


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