Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Development Meeting, PCA interview, etc

Busy day.
It all began this morning at 9:30 with Addison's 6 month development assessment. I headed into this meeting with a lot of trepidation. I made the mistake of letting them know that I wasn't sure about it last week. So when they came in the door this morning (A's PT and a developmental educator) they went a little over the board with the "Oh she's so beautiful"s and such. I appreciate compliments of my daughter, but I can tell when they are saying it that much more enthusiastically because they know in the next two hours they are going to tell me that my 6 month old acts more like a 3 month old. I know it's dumb, but it annoyed me that they were being so over the top with compliments about how cute she was to lessen the blow of what was to come. I'm not stupid. I could see straight through it.

Anyway, after the initial oohs and awes were over (they lasted a long time), they did their assessment. Addison performed beautifully. She smiled, laughed talked, reached for the toys, imitated sticking out her tongue (blowing raspberries in addition) and rolled all around. I was so proud of her. She really outdid herself. Their assessment? Her fine motor skills are awesome: in the 5-7 month range. A couple of things were even in the 7-10 month range. Her gross motor skills? Yep, in the 2-4 month range. I knew she would be behind because she isn't sitting up yet, but it still was hard to hear. They kept going on about her "diagnosis" and her "health conditions" and how well she was doing, but it was still overwhelming to hear. This meeting really wore me out.

A few short hours later, we had our first interview for a PCA. The very first interview canceled, saying that she had a fever (also telling me that she was pregnant with twins and that she had a ton of doctor's appointments but should be able to fit in a work schedule.....why would you lead with that?). Anyway, the other appointments went well today. Another thing that is a big no-no in mind mind when you are interviewing for something like this is wear a top cut so low that a wardrobe malfunction was never far away....especially when she got down on the mat to play with Chubbs. Really? That is how you want to impress me that you are going to take good care of my child? It was amusing after the fact, but I was holding my breath for her several times during the interview.

After all of that was over, it was late in the afternoon, and I had a HUGE headache. Chubbs, the little angel, was overstimulated from the appointment this morning and all of the attention during the interviews. She slept like an angel while Mommy watched Master Chef on Hulu. My new favorite show of all time. WOW! Has anyone else been following this show? It helped a lot to take away the headache....well, that and another cup of coffee from this awesome mug that my friend that knows me all too well gave me. it!
Anyway, tonight after Aaron got home, I went to the grocery store and saved $103.16....thus saving waaaay more than I spent and creating a huge hubub at the cash register...but they let me do it. YAY!

Long, but profitable day!


  1. Sounds like she's doing great!
    And...come over and tell me how to do that well at the grocery store. Better yet, you shop for my groceries; I'll do your Rite Aid shopping. :)

  2. I know I'm certainly no expert on children with disabilities, Deanna, but it sure sounds to me like Addison is doing great!! Way to go, Chubbs!! Deanna, I would love it if you would explain exactly HOW you save all of this money-in detail! I could certainly use help with my coupon savings!

  3. Great report :) And yes, I LOVE Master Chef! What a great show! We can talk about it anytime you want!


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