Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Canceled Play Date and Tablecloth Magic

"Hi, my name is Chubbs Mcphee and I love to eat like a big girl..."

"Sorry Mom, you're going to have to find a new place to sleep because this spot is taken."

OT/Nutrition visit finished- check. Clarinet lesson taught-check. Canceled play date for this afternoon- check. )-: boohoo. Chubbs woke up with a sniffle this morning and I'm not sure if it is something contagious or just a sniffle. But since our play date was with another family nearby with a child with DS and we have never met before, I think safe is better than sorry in this case. I would feel so horrible if the first time we met my child gave hers a cold! I am so bummed, though. I was really looking forward to meeting Jack and Stella! I guess I'll just have to be patient until next week. )-:

On a plus side, Addison has been more snuggly than usual today. Oftentimes, when I pick up her little body and try to snuggle her on my shoulder, she arches up her back, throws her body away from mine and eagerly explores her surroundings. Today she has been a little bit more content to just be close and let me pat her back. It's the little things.

Also, I pulled an Andria today. My coupons are all over my Dining Room table and I wasn't finished sorting them, so I didn't want to put them away yet. However, I had three people stopping by this morning and it looked awful. So I used a useful new trick that my sister taught me- putting a tablecloth over the mess and smoothing it down. Wow, I feel guilty even confessing this- but it worked like a charm!

Anyway, I think I am going to use my afternoon to get my house ready for the PCA interviews that I am conducting tomorrow. Yikes. So nervous about hiring a complete stranger to watch my baby for 20 hrs a week when I go back to work...)-:


  1. Please tell Addison (photo 1) I don't find the impression of me very funny! hehe Andrea has much to teach all of us!

  2. Poor little Addison! Tell her that Anna and I hope she feels better soon! I was amazed at her "little" tummy in the first picture. She certainly does like to eat, doesn't she?!

  3. pulling an Andria? genius!!!

  4. i was wondering when you were going to notice that. ha.. (-:


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