Monday, August 2, 2010

Beets and Straight Lines

Mmmmmm....just finished dinner with Aaron consisting of barbecue meatloaf, summer squash, green beans, potato spears and strawberry shortcake. Love cooking in the summer! It is so easy to grab sides from the garden, sautee or steam and Wala. A complete, nutritious meal. (-: Here's a pic of the strawberry shortcake. Simple, but lovely. One of my summer favorites.

I have been making my own baby food, and was particularly was proud when I made beets baby food from beets from our garden. However, they haven't been a huge hit with Chubbs. HA. She prefers to wear it rather than taste it....
"I'd rather eat my bib than take another mouth full of that...."
I'm hoping it grows on her. Her OT says that it takes 30 consecutive tries of something before you determine if she really likes or doesn't like something. Guess we have a few more to go before we can officially call it. (-:

OK. I had to take a picture of this even though it is super embarrassing. I have a hard time with straight lines. In kindergarten, I was the straight A student who failed at cutting a straight line. Just one of those things, I guess. Well, anyway, today I temporarily forgot about my malady and decided to hang some frames over our bed in a straight line, and HAHAHAHAHA. I just sat back and laughed at myself. I'm hoping Aaron feels sweet enough to help me fix this later. Or maybe I'll just leave it like this and say it is a new modern design?

Yeah, straight lines continue to stump me.....


  1. I'm with Addison on the beets! I'd rather eat my bib, too, (or maybe my napkin)! Anna says she agrees with Addison and me! Can our "no beets" votes help knock down Addison's 30 tries down a few? (We're doing our best to help you out, here, Chubbs!)

  2. The beets picture made me laugh. You are both so cute. Love hearing how things are going or not going. Ha. I like them pickled maybe she'd like them better that way.

  3. Hey--her dad loves beets. we will continue with the trying.


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