Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bad Start

OK, those who have a child with special health needs understand, but when I say that Addison and I have a lot of appointments, I am not exaggerating or being dramatic. Between the doctor's appointments, (cardio, opthalmology, pediatrician, hematology, Mic-Key surgeon, hearing tests, etc) OT, PT, nutritionalist, nurses visit (which we just ended), social case workers dropping by and Keene Medical stuff to keep oxygen going in the house- we have a LOT of appointments. A light week for us is only having 2 or 3 appointments. I have worked extremely hard in my short six month stint of being a mother to keep track of all of these appointments. And, I have succeeded (with help, of course) to get her to all of these separate appointments, mostly on time ....until today.

This morning I had an appointment at 8:15am with Addison's social case worker who was dropping by to discuss Addison's six month evaluation next week. I knew about this appointment. We scheduled it last week. I wrote it in my planner. I underlined it. I received a reminder in the mail that I put next to my planner on the table. I looked at it in my planner right before I went to bed, got in bed and then set my alarm for 8:30 (We had 3 appointments yesterday and I was a bit worn out)

8:16, my phone rings. "Hi, I'm here for our appointment. I'm standing at your front door"

NOT A GOOD WAY TO BE WOKEN. I am not a morning person, never have been. I jumped out of bed, threw on the nearest outfit (can't even remember what it was), grabbed the glass of water next to my bed (in lieu of coffee) told her that I was just hanging out in the back with Chubbs (who was still asleep) and that I would be right there.

I strolled to my door, casually holding the glass of water, desperately seeking to make myself appear as though I had been awake for hours. We start the appointment and I realize I can barely see out of my glasses (as I only wear them right before and after I go to sleep) and I briefly wondered when the last time was that I cleaned them. They were pretty foggy.

I tried to concentrate on what she was saying to me, so I took a couple of sips of water to clear my head. I managed to look through my foggy glasses into my water and saw a dead bug floating in the water that I was just drinking. I gagged, as silently as possible, and set the drink down wondering how obvious it would be if I got up and started some coffee.

Anyway, I somehow made it through the appointment (without the coffee). Once she finally left, I started the coffee and I heard Chubbs crying. I jumped for a minute, wondering where the sound of the crying baby was coming from. I had totally forgotten about her. I immediately ran back to get her (I had left her on our bed as she had woken at 6, taken a bottle and fallen back to sleep with me). When I scooped her up, my hand encountered wet baby/wet sheets and a very strong smell of urine. Great. I had just taken our mattress pad off yesterday to wash it and hadn't put it back on yet.

Anyway, we proceeded to get ready to go out and meet a friend, and I literally lost my phone 4 or 5 times. I continuously was walking from room to room, looking for it. Found it. Lost it again. I felt like I was losing my mind.

The day has gotten better. Chubbs and I spent several hours on the beach with a friend and her baby (which was wonderfully relaxing and helped very much to clear my mind). And now I am experimenting with a new recipe for dinner. Feeling a little bit back to my old self. I don't know what came over me this morning. It was very disconcerting. Am I crazy or does this happen to every mother at some point? Can't say that I cared too much for it.

Hope your day was better than my morning was!


  1. As I said's mommy brain. It's a real thing and it's VERY disconcerting.
    I will get those pics to you soon...if my mommy brain can remember. :)

  2. Welcome to mommyhood....our brains turn to mush and there's not much we can do about it! Hope today you had a better start! :)


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