Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wow, what a day!!!

It is almost half past ten. I have just dragged my sorry little self out of bed and am hitting the coffee hard. Why do I share this with you? Well, I am so glad you asked. It all started yesterday morning......

Andria (my sister who has been living with us for the past few months) left us yesterday, so we needed to take her halfway to her friend's house in PA. That halfway point, for us, was Albany NY. This turned out to be perfect because Albany has some great shopping that we don't have here in VT. My Mother-in-law graciously offered to take us in her van- "more room and better air conditioning" I was quick to accept because the idea of driving Addison alone back the 3.5 hours home was a little daunting. Well, the trip started off well. Good conversation, beautiful scenery (we took the ferry over), plenty of chilled beverages, and yes, it was wonderful to spend the day in the air conditioning of the van while it was in the high 90s outside. We arrived at our destination, ate lunch, loaded all of Andria's stuff into her friend's car (quickly, because Chubs really, really doesn't handle the heat well), Andria said goodbye to her niece, and then Mom Smith and I headed back inside the mall for some "light shopping". After only a couple of hours (and a couple of great deals later), we decided that we should start to head back. Once we were in the car, we thought it would be nice to stop at the outlet malls at Glen Falls since they were on the way back. Stopped at the outlet malls, purchased a few more items- back on the road. What a smooth sailing trip! Until about 45 minutes later. We were sailing down the road, amicably conversing while Addison snoozed when Mom Smith looked down and saw that the van was entirely overheated (it was 99 degrees outside at this point) Also, we heard a click and knew that the air conditioning had ceased to work and I smelled something burning. We retraced our steps down the road just a bit to a McDonalds where we knew would be a cool place to wait while AAA came. We were very worried about Addison overheating. She had struggled with this just walking from the car to the mall door.

It is at the point when we went inside and sat down that time began to stand still and things start to get a bit fuzzy. The air conditioning was struggling inside Mc Donalds, but it was cooler than outside and we felt safe. To make a very long story short- the AAA tow truck took somewhere between 2.5 and 3 hrs to come check out the van to see if it had temporarily overheated or if there were bigger issues. We were getting slightly impatient until he told us that he had spent that entire time pulling people out of a very serious automobile accident. Then, once he checked the van, he determined that not only was the air conditioning totally shot- so was the motor of this beautiful Honda Odyssey mini van. We were going nowhere. Also, he couldn't take us in his truck because he only had room for two and there were there of us, counting Chubs. So, we were stuck at this Mc Donalds roughly from 6pm to 11pm. We started out this trip with ten diapers and five outfit changes for Addison. While waiting in Mc Donalds- WE USED ALL FIVE OUTFIT CHANGES, had only two diapers left and had run out of wipes.

She had consumed quite a bit of prune juice throughout the day because she was so thirsty because of the heat. So once in Mc Donalds, we thought we should try some diluted apple juice. SHE LOVED IT!...too much. She would cry when we would start to take it away, refused to burp and then demanded some formula immediately when she was done. All of that to say- the most tramatic moment of this stay was when Addison decided to start screaming. during the dinner rush.....our table was pretty much right next to the line (I guess we could have chosen that better, upon reflection) Being the very brave/dumb new mommy that I am, I was patting her back and rocking her (without a burp cloth)- trying to calm her down. Well, apparently her problem was a little tummy ache....which was solved as soon as she threw up on front of the dinner rush....down the front of my shirt (oozing into every possible crevice)....three times. And then she continued to scream because she was upset from throwing up. I was thankful at this point that I had bought a new tank top on this shopping venture.

The other thing that caused us to go through soooo many outfit changes and diapers- the guilty prune juice started kicking in right at the wrong time. It got to the point where we stopped taking her to the bathroom to change her diaper and changed her right on the table using the diaper pad from the diaper bag. (hey, judge us if you want to, but after countless blow outs and five hours of would do the same thing) At one point I looked up at laughed because we were focused on getting Addison out of that next messy and some poor soul was ordering a Big Mac meal with fries and a coke a few feet away from Addison's naked bottom being lifted in the air and being wiped, yet again. One of us would be changing the diaper- the other one would be over by the napkin dispenser and yelling "How many more wipes do you need?" over the sounds of people eating and conversing on tables nearby. At one point, I was sure that Addison thought a clean diaper was a challenged extended. She looked at us and smirk that said "Challenged accepted" and the fireworks would begin.

Sigh. What a long, long day. At one point we finally thought that the AAA guy was there (during the long wait). We look over and there is one of those HUGE car towing trucks that tows many cars at a time. We were laughing hysterically as we were imagining us having to get on that truck. Mom Smith met the tow truck driver at the door with "Are you here for the Honda Odyssey?" His response: "I'm just here for a Big Mac."

We were finally rescued right around 11pm by our husbands who drove the two hours to pick us up. Sooo thankful for them. And for my Mother-in-law. I just kept thinking, what if I had attempted to do this on my own with Addison? It was soooo hot yesterday, my car could easily had problems too....I can't imagine having to go through all of that drama with just me and my baby. I love my baby dearly, but she can be quite a piece of work....and a handful! Thank you Mom Smith!

This was Addison at 8:30am, dressed and ready to go to Albany....who knew that five outfit changes and many diapers later we would finally return home (around 12:30am)

Addison on her first ferry ride....hard to tell that she is on the ferry...but she is!

This was outfit number....3? I am losing track. This is right before Addison vomited tiny particles of milky curds bathed in regurgitated apple juice all over me in front of the dinner crowd....

So glad that we had brought an oxygen cylinder that had 35 hours of oxygen for Addison on it. You should have seen the looks and stares that we got from people as we hooked her back up to this in Mc Donalds. So many people- "ooooh, what is wrong with your baby" "when will she work through her issues" "my baby was early too, I know what you are going through" etc and so forth...

outfit number 4? this was between playing happily with her ball and her nasal cannula. Other than her one outburst, she really was a very happy baby the whole time. Very thankful for that as well!

The last and final outfit.

Mom Smith on the phone with AAA...trying to get us out of there! (also, notice the sweet teas....haha. yes, we took full advantage of the free refills here, but as the bathrooms were not stellar, we cut way back when we realized that we were having to visit them too frequently and we used all of their soap) other than the sweet teas, we really just ate a light dinner....not, we did not sit there and consume fudge sundaes the entire time.....

Sorry this pic isn't flipped, but if you notice her propped up feet...can you say Queen of Sheba treatment? At one point Mom Smith was rubbing her back while I was rubbing her head to help her fall asleep...spoiled? maybe. but we had nothing else to do...

Love this picture. LOL. She really can fall asleep anywhere!
BTW. Yesterday, Addison turned 5 months old!!! Such an exciting day....a little overshadowed, but exciting nonetheless What will we do to celebrate 6 months....hmmmmmm


  1. Whew! Just made me tired reading about it all! So glad that you made it home safe and sound. Just think of all the memories you are making :)

  2. It's what memories are made of! K's first Thanksgiving included 14+ hours of travel and 5 flights...definitely made a memory, and we enjoyed being together! Now you always have a good story to tell her. :)

  3. Sorry about your car troubles in that terrible heat! But I do have to say I almost died laughing at your story! I especially liked the part about changing Addison on the table and yelling across the room to see how many "wipes" were needed! How wonderful that you had your mother-in-law to help you through it all!! Addison is just as cute as she can be!! She is just a doll!! Thanks for sharing with us!


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