Friday, July 2, 2010

Working on the Basement

I am somewhat organizationally challenged, so a secondary purpose of this blog is to help me work on this! Today, I tackled a small portion of the basement.


But before we get to the details, I need to share a picture of Chubs...(-: I had to run an errand and when I returned, I found Andria and Chubs all snuggled up on the couch watching Annie. So cute!
Anyway, back to the basement. As we have a ranch-style house, the basement is quite large and not finished. This is how the side of the basement that I worked on today looked when we first bought the house. There is an equal amount of space on the other side of the wood divisions- Aaron's workshop area. Anyway, needs a lot of work, huh?
Stage 1:

Aaron built me some shelves back in the winter (along with some assistance from my Dad when he last visited us and also I Aaron's Dad also assisted from time to time), and I have loved using it as a pantry space. This is Stage 2 of the basement. This is how it looked this morning when I decided that it could use some more attention. Especially since earlier this week, the utility sink (to the left of the washer) overflowed and left quite a mess on the floor. I also wanted to make room for my sewing machine because I am going to attempt a couple of other house projects using it (notice the word- attempt)
Stage 2:

Check out the nasty peeling floor...
I cleaned up the floor mess earlier this week and have been running the humidifier all week. Today, I de-cluttered the space (moving things to spaces where they could be used),I used the shop vac to thoroughly vacuum as well as remove all spider webs from the ceiling, I got on my hands and knees and scrubbed and scrubbed the old fashioned way until the floor was clean, I then enlisted Andria's help and had her help me scrub down the appliances while I hung the curtains, we then hauled the carpet in from the garage (thank you Mom and Dad Smith, for passing this along to us), vacuumed the carpet, moved the table and sewing machine into place- WALA. My cluttered basement now has a tiny part partitioned off as my space- to wash clothes- to store overflow food items- to sew or do other projects....I know it probably doesn't look like much, but I am very happy after my hard work today to start to get my space together. Oh yes, I am just waiting for either my Father in law to drop over or Aaron to come home to show me what tool I would need to cut that corner off of the carpet. I worked hard, but hey, I'm not super woman and I don't know where Aaron keeps the tools to do that...
Stage 3:

Here is the other side of the pantry shelves:
Aaron did this- I can't take credit for it. But, I have been slowly filling the containers with various and sundry items....all organized, of course (-:

I hung three curtains to block off my space from Aaron's work area since he does quite a bit of wood working stuff that creates a lot of flying dust....

My awesome washer and dryer (love,love, love them. Totally worth the extra class that I taught for nine weeks to buy them) next to the guilty utility sink that ignited the whole desire to do today's project.....Also, Aaron and his friend Chris built the stand that my washer and dryer go on.....

And that is how I spent my day....well, that and tag teaming with Andria to feed Addison. (-: Any suggestion as to how I can further organize "my" space?


  1. You did a great job!

    Helena P.

  2. Hi there! I just saw your comment on Denise's blog and came over to see your Sunshine!! Addison is beautiful! I look forward to following along!


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