Saturday, July 17, 2010

Two showers and a Dancing Baby

So this morning I threw an informal baby shower for my friend Lydia and tonight I attended a lingerie shower for my cousin....and in between I spend time with Chubbs! Overall a good, (albeit busy) day.
Here is my friend. Doesn't she look great? I know it wasn't the fanciest or most amazing shower in the world, but I just really wanted to say with it "We love you Lydia. We couldn't be happier for you and Chris!" Hopefully that message was conveyed through our showering attempts. We surprised her with the shower. She claims to have been surprised, but the reaction wasn't very I am suspicious. hmmmmm.....

Some of the shower attendees

Stupid chocolate fountain didn't work for me at the last minute....ha. at least the heater worked and kept the chocolate nice and hot! So yummy to dip the fruit and such in the chocolate. (yes, that is of Lydia's cravings....)

Since this was a gluten free shower, I made individualized spinach quiches instead of a cake and displayed them on my mirrored display stand. I thought it worked quite well.

My favorite part was the coffee the black and white mugs....

And then for my cousin's shower (tonight), I was in charge of bringing cupcakes, so this is my best attempt:

Sorry if you're scandalized by lingerie on cupcakes....I thought they were pretty tastefully done and I was pleased with my hard work.
Last but certainly not least- here is a video of Chubbs dancing away in her jump toy- her favorite place to be of late:


  1. Awww, look at her go, thats so cute!! I love how you call her Chubbs, its such a cute little name and it suits her so well :)

  2. Deanna, this video of Addison dancing in her bouncy thing is so sweet! She is such a happy baby! I just love the video!! Your cupcakes look delicious! How wonderful that you took the time to plan and throw a shower for your friend!


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