Friday, July 9, 2010

Tummy Time Videos

So I have been super discouraged as of late when thinking about Addison's developmental delays. Some days it is easier to wrap my head around this than others. But, I was so encouraged this morning by tummy time that I just had to post a few videos. This may seem like nothing to you or something that your child did at 2 or 3 months- no clue and honestly I don't care. This is not a competition. Addison did this this morning, when she is 5 months and I was so proud of her. This made me cry as I loved how determined she was to knock over this mirror with her head. She has discovered a strength in her legs to push her herself forward, but her upper body and torso haven't quite jumped on board with the getting up and moving. (-: Also, you will notice how wiggly she is- I am convinced why this is one of the reasons she struggles to gain weight even though she eats all of the time. She burns more calories in ten minutes of tummy time than she can take in with a few feeds.

Also-please excuse the diaper only outfit- it is really, really hot here. If you look closely you can see the scar from her heart surgery on her back....and her G-tube is taped down because if it wasn't....pretty sure tummy time would do some damage....She started tummy time a respectable distance away from the mirror. Not two minutes later, she was right here, working very diligently to knock that mirror over with her head...

That's my little girl trying to go places! Am I crazy to think that is what she is attempting to do here?

She did knock the mirror over, just as the last video ended. I couldn't get the camera started fast enough to catch it....bummer. Also, she continued to scoot until her body was half off of her play mat. I don't know where she was trying to go, but considering she was dragging her body by pushing her feet- she was making pretty decent progress.

Thanks for indulging with me for a minute as I stopped to think about what Addison can't do and focused on what my amazing girl CAN do! So proud of her and her progress!


  1. She's doing AWESOME!!! Think about all she's been through in the last 5mo that "typical" babies don't have to deal with...heart surgery is major and she has not only recovered but is getting stronger by the day. You didn't say if she's rolling, but if she isn't she will soon, she's has some pretty good strength in her legs! Keep up the good work mom and Addison!!!

  2. Deanna, I am so happy to see her determination and progress. You weren't "crazy" to think she was trying to go somewhere. She WAS going and moving with all her might. Re: her size-- I know 12 pounds is small on the charts, but she has a good upward growth curve, and she is eating well. One of my children grew ever so slowly. She started at 7 lb.9 oz. and didn't get to 14 lb until she was 9 months old. Just think of how she is on the right track. With you and Aaron as her parents to encourage and nurture her she has so much going for her already. I love watching her play and gaze at the two of you!

  3. wow, with that leg strength she just might skip crawling and head straight to walking. She's quite determined to get rid of that competing baby in the mirror =D

  4. Hi Deanna....sorry it has taken me awhile to get back to you. Here is the link for Ella's button. Just go to this page in my blog and you will see the box with the code for it. Let me know if you can't get it to work.

    We would be honored if you put it on your blog. I am enjoying getting to know Addison. I definitely hope you never have to follow in Ella's footsteps but if you should, it will be much easier if you are prepared and informed. Please let me know if you ever have any questions.

  5. WOW!! Look at her go!!! How awesome! She has great strength and definatly a lot of determination, Loved the videos! You must be so very proud of her!!
    I too have been struggling with the whole "milestone" thing lately and I dont even know why really, just one of those things that comes and goes...Our kids are SO amazing and the great thing is that we dont take a single accomplishment for granted, no matter how small.
    Way to go Addison!!!

  6. :) we love her....and she is doing absolutely amazing! congrats on your hard work and progress!

  7. If I remember correctly, Addison is ahead of where Coop was at 5 months...he was rather slow and stubborn. Perhaps I'll get more of a backbone with this next baby...we always think Addison is just where she should be :) See you soon!


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