Wednesday, July 28, 2010

a bit of everything and nothing

Today I spent the day at the annual downtown sidewalk sale with my MIL and good friend Sarah (and of course, Addison's boyfriend Drew). It was a fun day, albeit tiring, and Chubbs got a bit overheated. Anyway, here are a few pics from today as well as the last two days - to catch you up on our "everything and nothing"

Chubbs- ready to go shopping

Chubbs, after shopping and re-hooked to oxygen, being naughty. The children who are on oxygen for years and years, how do the parents keep them from tearing it off of their face or tangling themselves dangerously in the cord? I am pretty close to just getting rid of the oxygen myself, just for Chubbs' safety (look how it pulls at her eyes when she pulls it down like this) Not to mention her new favorite thing is tangling her arms up in the cord and then wrapping it around her body....Are you kidding me? What is the lesser of the two evils here?

Daddy giving the whole solid foods thing a try with Chubbs. You can see it was a big hit to have that extra time with Daddy.....I think it was pretending that the spoon was an airplane that did the trick (-:

Had to throw this pic in. Those who know me well (or have just walked in my house once) know that I have a huge obsession with black and white. Look at the vase I found (with Sarah's help) downtown today for only $10! Love, love, love it!

Yes, she is a princess even when she sleeps...(-:

This was her very last home nurse visit. They have decided that she doesn't need that help anymore...YAY! One small step at a time...(notice what Chubbs is doing...this is a big problem)

this is Chubbs' angelic face- don't believe it for a minute.
While we were out shopping today...had to get a shot with her new sunglasses from Grandma. (This puts her sunglasses count up to if only she would keep them on...)


  1. Ya, I'm not to sure what the lesser of two evils would be either!! She really likes to pull on those wires! Congrats on slowly getting rid of all the extra people coming and going...I try to scheduel all Russells people at once. I only do once a month visits. So each month I have the infant development specialist come and she brings the OT with her one month and the PT with her the next. It works for now anyway, as Russell gets older we may increase the visits, but for now I want life as close to normal as possible!
    Once again, I LOVE Addisons outfits!

  2. Love these pics!! She is such a doll!! Thanks for sharing her with us!!


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