Wednesday, July 21, 2010

PT, Mic-Key and %30 off

So, today did not go AT ALL how I had carefully planned. This morning, Chubbs had her PT appointment and then this afternoon she had an appointment with her surgeon to get her mic-key button removed. You all know how over the top excited I have been about that. (I think I have mentioned it soooo many times.) Anyway, I was dreading the PT appointment a bit. Just because Addison doesn't usually show off what she can really do, and the PT tells me to work on things that I know that Addison can already do. It is always really long and I just don't feel that Addison shows off what she has been working on. Well, today she did AWESOME! She rolled around from side, back, other side, back when her PT (Odette) first came and then she rolled over for Odette, sat up with minimal support, put weight on her legs while I held her up, held her head at a 90 degree angle during tummy time, danced around in her jump up and stopped making noise when I talked to her and then talked back to me. It was an AMAZING appointment. I was so encouraged. Within the first ten minutes of the appointment, Odette said that Addison had just done (and surpassed) everything on the list of goals that she had just submitted for the next four months. She was pretty impressed by our Chubbs. (-: The only thing is, Addison got pretty mad when she had to keep working after she had had enough....It is amazing how her muscle tone improves when she is mad. But, while she was screaming (drama queen style) and Odette was helping her practice sitting up- I got right down in her face and said "Addison, no. Nothing is wrong with you. You are fine." She immediately stopped screaming and stared at me with her big, blue eyes (full of tears) and was quiet for the next bit until she decided that she wanted to cry again. I loved that Addison responded to my voice. It gives me great hope about her hearing.

Flying McPhee

Anyway, after this really great appointment, I had Chubbs all loaded up in the car and we were headed downtown for her Mic-Key appointment. While we were driving, the surgeon's nurse called to cancel our appointment because he was stuck in surgery. My first response was to be sooooooo disappointed. I quickly realized that we had to cancel our appointment so that the surgeon could save another parent's child. Addison is not emergent. The Mic-Key will last until Monday (when she was rescheduled for). Anyway, I worked hard to not be selfish about being too disappointed. I had a 30% off coupon for Kohl's that expired today, so Chubbs and I headed there instead of the hospital and I found some really great deals. I saved $153 and spent $37. I got all kinds of houseware stuff, a shirt for me, an outfit for Chubbs, earrings, etc. I was pretty pleased. Some of my favorite things from the purchase today:

A metal hanger for Addison's door

A super cool black glass....looking for a plant to plant in here...

Candle and metal riser (sorry this isn't rotated)

My favorite: this large platter which was originally $50 that I paid $7 for

All in all- good day! So thankful for the great therapy appointment!

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  1. Good for Addison showing off all her skills!! I know Russell sometimes chooses to not show everything he can do during our sessions, and then I wonder if they think I am lying about all the great things he is doing, ha ha, oh well.
    That must have been very dissapointing for you to have her appointment cancled, but you handled it great, hope things go well for you on Monday!
    Oooh, by the way, thats some nice stuff you picked up!


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