Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Princess' Bath

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful Princess named Chubbs

who hated bath time.

Until one day, she discovered a new, relaxing activity called: Pooping in the Tub.

(If you think I was pausing at that point to take a picture, you are mistaken)

And then one day, the Princess' parents discovered a new way to bathe her which didn't end in her and the bathtub being covered in poop.
Princess Chubbs enjoys this new bathing method very much

Except when Daddy accidentally sprays the water in her eyes....

....and on Mommy's camera.

She likes being scrubbed....

...and scrubbed...

...and rinsed off.

Ahhhh, this is the life of Princess Chubbs...


  1. I patterned this technique after a touch-less car wash. We still have to scrub though.

  2. Or just use a higher-powered stream of water! LOL!

  3. o my goodness - so cute! her expressions are priceless! I just have to keep looking at the pictures over and over.

  4. i need to try that! cam kicks until he slips down in the tub...and trys to drown lol...good idea!

  5. and its saves water too. (:

    Helena P.

  6. So funny! One of those things that mommas can all relate too . . . we used to joke about bathing our boys in the toilet so we could just flush the poop away. :)

  7. I love Princess Chubbs!! I get such a kick out of seeing all of her expressions and reactions to everyday life situations! She certainly is a little princess!!

  8. Ha ha, Loved this! She has the cutest facial expressions!


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