Sunday, July 25, 2010

Life from Chubbs' Perspective

"Wow, this is so neat to work with Daddy. Hmmm, I guess he's letting me drive..."
"Did you just try to cut me off?"
"Going out with Mom....I can put up with anything as long as I have my toys...."

"I love my jumper toy. I spend hours in here and cry when Mom takes me out."

"I love dressing up like a Princess."

"Wait a second, what am I wearing???"

"I wonder what Mom would do if I pooped on her white couch????"

Expressive arms....with all time favorite toy!

The Dance of the Frog Legs

Whew, what a weekend!


  1. What a treasure! We thank the Lord every day for Addison... She looks like a Russian Cossack dancer in the last video...

  2. Hysterical! "wait, what am I wearing?!" She gets cuter and more talented every day. Thanks for posting so faithfully!

  3. OK, have I told you that I think Addison is a doll?!! I LOVE the "dance of the frog legs"! That made me laugh. And she looks adorable in her bright flowered dress! Yes, she is definitely a doll!!

  4. She can entertain herself very well ,,, great!

    regards from Switzerland


  5. She really loves her jumper doesnt she! Her little legs look so cute...She has really good hand control with her toy...Russell will grab a toy and then get pretty over excited about it and start waving it around and accidently hitting himself with it over and over...He doesnt seem to know how to let go of it once he has it. Ha ha


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