Tuesday, July 13, 2010

First Eye Appointment

Yesterday was Chubbs' first eye appointment. Our Pediatrician suggested we go ahead and get her eyes checked because she still isn't great at focusing her eyes for long periods of time. I was nervous also about her vision since I had glasses when I was 7 and both of Chubbs' grandmas have pretty bad vision as well. I think she probably will have to have glasses, but I was dreading having to do them so early- especially while she is still on the oxygen. Having to deal with keeping the cannula in her nose is enough work.....
Anyway, long story short, Dr. Molly (the eye doctor) at the start was suggesting that we patch one eye at a time for 15 minutes to help with some of the crossing, but when she realized that both eyes were randomly crossing at different times, she changed her mind. She said that because of all of the other stresses Addison's body has been under, her eyes just haven't had a chance to advance as fast as they might otherwise. She seemed to think that this will correct itself over time. Also- she said that Chubbs' eyes actually look really good vision- wise for a baby her age. I was pleasantly surprised. It felt great to leave an appointment and not have to schedule a followup surgery or procedure. We will check her eyes again in 3 months. Hopefully they stay good- her Daddy has pretty great vision, maybe she will get that from him....

The worst part of the whole appointment was actually waiting at the very beginning to be called in. Addison was viciously attacked by a one year old boy who was cruising the waiting room while his mom filled out their appointment paperwork and his five year old sister stood directly beside me asking me over and over and over again what my name was. This small boy (whose name was Malababa...I wish I was making this up) made a bee line for Addison snoozing peacefully in her carseat. I was trying to fill out the paperwork for Addison's appointment, so I wasn't holding her. He started hitting her head....I grabbed for his hand "Gentle, gentle. Be gentle with the baby." I said this loudly, hoping his mother would look up and tell him to come over to where she was. No such luck. After he was no longer able to touch her head, he headed to her face and started poking at her eyes. "No, no, no" I put my hand over her face and said no very sternly over and over again. His mother still did not pay him attention. His older sister, named Polyapus (no idea how these names are spelled) continued standing right in my space and firing the questions. Once she had my name down, she switched to asking if I had any spare diapers in my diaper bag. Malababa sensed an opportunity while I was distracted and made a grab for Addison's half eaten bottle in her diaper bag pocket. He grabbed the nipple with his grubby little hand and had it up to his mouth before I could rescue it. I was getting extremely frustrated. Why wouldn't this mother take care of her children. Why was the doctor's waiting room considered free babysitting while she did her thing? I do stand up for my daughter, but I wasn't about to bully these children. I am not a monster. I finally stopped filling out my paperwork, picked Addison up and held the diaper bag close on my lap. The mother finally finished filling out everything, said to her kids, "come on, let's go home." After she tried to strike up a normal conversation with me...really? How oblivious can you be? She then proceeded to walk out, forgetting her purse, so I had to run out in the hallway, while holding Addison to make sure she got it. She said that she often leaves it behind and then has to drive an hour back for it. She seemed grateful.
The receptionist took pity on me and boiled some water in their lunch room so that we could sterilize Addison's bottle nipple. She had an 1.5hr appointment ahead of her and would wake up hungry any minute. Also, when Addison's eyes were dilating, they sent us into her own private room instead of the waiting room so that the "toddlers would leave Addison alone." Ha. If I ever get in this situation again, is it an OK thing to ask the Mom to take care of her kids? At that time, it seemed super rude to say anything that was coming to mind. What should I have done?

Some pictures of Addison while her eyes were dilating. You can see that she sat quietly and cooperated. HA.


  1. I would say if it happens again call the mother or father to come get their child away from yours. It would not be rude at all.

  2. Addison looks so cute, I love her little outfits, girls are so fun to dress up!
    And NO it is NOT rude to say something to the parent who lets their child run wild in a waiting room or anywhere else for that matter! And I know it does sound mean but I have told other peoples children to go away before, ha ha, sometimes you have to do what you have to do!

  3. Love all the photos...she is such a character!! Glad for the positive report from the dr.

  4. Seriously, a one year old running around the office!! Where is the stroller? I don't know if I would have said anything or not (out of being afraid to be too rude) but I would have tried the subtle hints like you did. I just remember when my first was a baby, ALL other toddlers seemed so "grubby" to me and I didn't want them to touch her. Then when my older girls became toddlers, I would always try to remember that and never let them go near little babies....I guess it just doesn't bother some people!! Addison is adorable and I LOVE her outfit!!

  5. I think you're actually doing the mother a favor by asking her (politely) to get her children under control. Perhaps she will take the hint for future doctor's visits (at least you hope so!) Anna and I laughed at Addison's pictures! She looks like she's having a great time and she is in good spirits! She's a happy, busy little thing! I'm so glad the appointment went well for you (except for the little tyrant who tried to beat up Addison!)

  6. Yes you should tell that woman what is up! And by the way my niece looks adorable - tell her mommy that she has good taste ;)

  7. Enjoying your blog when I remember to check it and I completely agree - it would not be rude at all to ask parents to take care of their children when they are hurting/annoying/bothering yours! Be polite and civil, of course (can't imagine that you would be otherwise!) but also firm! :-)

  8. love the pictures ... and next time you call that mom right away ... it's not rude



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