Monday, July 12, 2010

First complete, successful rollover

Just walked into the LR and found this:

Instantly I felt like a horrible mother. Poor baby. Why is she so exhausted when she is supposed to be playing? Well, this morning after her early morning feed, she really didn't go back to sleep for very long. She lay in bed between Aaron and I whipping her head from side to side to make sure that we were still there, talking, cooing, wiggling. She was a ball of energy. So, I finally gave up sleep and took her into the living room to do some tummy time since she wanted to work, might as well make it profitable. Within minutes, she had executed her first complete roll over from tummy to back. Yay!!!! She has been flirting with this for some time, but actually completed the act this proud of her. Of course, I flipped her back over to her tummy to get her to work some more...prolly too much too fast, because after her OT/nutrition visit this morning (which really wasn't too stressful), I put Addison in her jumper, returned two minutes later to find her sleeping very soundly in this very uncomfortable position. Yikes. I took her out and she is now in her swing, getting a nice morning nap. She needs her energy because still to come today: her first eye appointment. Little nervous about this, but we'll see how it goes. Also, the nutritionalist remarked that Addison looks so good and has filled out so much since her last visit that she feels not needed. Yay for Addison!
I am currently sipping some delicious coffee, working on some much needed thank you notes (which have been causing me feelings of extreme guilt of late- just haven't had two minutes to sit down and finish out the last few), watching Addison sleep, and waiting for Aaron to get home in a few minutes to eat lunch with us before Addison and I head out for some errands and then the eye appointment. What a good day! It's amazing how you can have a string of discouraging, awful days, and then one good thing happens, and you almost forget everything bad because everything feels like it is going to be OK and the world is right again. Here's hoping that they don't tell me that my five month old needs glasses already......


  1. Yaay for Addison!! Its so exciting when they learn something new! And love the picture up top, lol, so cute!

  2. oh so exciting!!! :) she is doing soooo well! such a strong little one you have! it is amazing to me the constant ups and downs of this life we have now...but the ups so outweigh the worries and the stress and i dare say are maybe a little higher than other moms get to experience...:) congrats to addison...and to you too mommy!
    ps. cam goes in to see the eye doctor next month and i'm nervous too...especially since i needed glasses at age he already doesn't have the best of genes rolling around lol...oh so fun!

  3. Congratulations on the roll over! That's the result of hard work, much practice, and great coaching! You three make a great team! Way to go, Addison!

  4. YAY!!!! THAT'S SO EXCITING! Go Addison! That rolling over business can be tiring. :)

    Nope definitely can't imagine a 5 month old keeping glasses on! Mercy. Let us know how it went!


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