Friday, July 30, 2010

a day in the life of chubbs mcphee

eating. love to eat. getting better at my solid foods. mom and i practice this every day.

playing with my ball while in my jump up while listening to my SS most favorite things

going grocery shopping with mom.....i like to get comfortable before we take off...

ninja chubbs

surprised that mom is still taking pictures instead of buckling me up

hmmmmm....opportunity for some mischief...(i.e. the pile of diapers behind me. i love seeing mom try to keep up. ha. mommy fail.)

hungry. i will now proceed to eat my jacket.
naptime. coupon shopping wore me out. (btw, pretty sure mom saved a LOT of money today. i just used my cuteness to help convince the manager that she should let my mom use the extra $10 off coupon even though she didn't spend enough to actually use it. you can thank me later, mom.)
not sure what mom does while i nap. pretty sure it is just lazing around eating bon-bons....

Ah, my after nap tummy time. My current biggest foe. Don't you feel guilty for making me work so hard???
if i can just make it to my back...i can smell the freedom...

i have made it successfully on my back, so now i can play with my hands.
what a mean mommy i have to put me back on my tummy. wasn't i just here? i think i'll just take another nap...right here.
ahhh, this is the life. the next two weeks includes a lot of appointments with my doctors and such, so mom and i really enjoy these days that it is just the two of us. yay for mommy/daughter time!

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