Sunday, July 4, 2010

Addison's 1st Fourth of July!

All dressed up in her 4th of July outfit from Grandma Smith, ready to go to the parade with the grandparents....The shirt says "Baby's 1st Fourth"

We tried this hat to keep the sun out of her eyes, but as it was a bit big, she wasn't very happy with it so we ended up taking off the hat and just covering her stroller with her organic blanket.

After the parade in the morning, we headed off to a friend's party. Addison conveniently spit up prune juice on her 1st 4th of July outfit, so we went to her back up Fourth of July outfit for the party...

I'm posting a pic of the pasta salad that I took to the party because I had to get a bit creative with it. I was asked to take a pasta salad after I had already grocery shopped and I am trying to stay away from extra grocery store runs. My mother-in-law gave me a medium sized pasta salad (with the colored noodles) that she had left over from a party and I added some bow tie pasta, some pepperoni, some parmesan cheese, some mozzarella cheese, some cooked peas and carrots, took out the black olives (upon request of my friend) and onions, added some more Italian dressing and chopped tomato and ended up with this salad. I was pretty pleased that I was able to come up with a festive looking dish with only things that I already had in my pantry. Thanks for the pasta salad starter, Mom Smith! (-:

Trying to get a pic of the outfit that Addison wore to church this morning for the 4th of July service (shirt from Grandma Smith, pants from Aunt Bekka)...She got super overheated on the way home and fell fast asleep like this on the floor....

But is now awake again....ready to play and most and poop on those white pants...I am just waiting for the blow out. Something about white pants....just tempts fate. (-:

Here is Exhibit 3 of her nasal cannula naughtiness (continued from an earlier post): Pulling off one side and sucking on it. Gross. She actually does this one quite a bit. I don't get as nervous about this one because it is blowing into her mouth and it isn't dangling around her neck of stretched across her eyes!

Happy Fourth of July, everyone! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I know the nasal cannula "naughtiness" is not a good thing for Addison as she needs the oxygen, but it is cute to see what she can do with it. My little Anna (9) says to tell you that she thinks Addison is cute! I love all of Addison's little patriotic outfits! Addison is, of course, adorable and sweet! I love to see pictures of her!!


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