Wednesday, June 2, 2010

We have a screamer

Wow, what a crazy day! I taught an 1 1/2 hr band class, ran across town to pick up Addison's prescription refill at the hospital (which is the only pharmacy in the state that will fill this particular compound), went across town again, picked up Addison and took her to her Pediatrician. After I got her home again- left her with my sister and took the trek across town once again to go back to work and teach another 1 1/2 hr band class. That is the one thing that I really don't like about Vermont- two places might not be that far away mile-wise, but the road to get there curves every which way, and you end up having a beast of a commute to go a few miles! That aside, I love living in Vermont! (-:

Anyway, I took her to the pediatrician today because starting over the weekend, she started randomly screaming and could not be consoled for quite some time. This is very unusual behavior for her, so I wanted to have her checked out before I just assumed that she was throwing temper tantrums. Dr. Costello checked her over and said that everything looked good. He was feeling under her chin for her thyroids, looked at her, and said "My, you're gotten fat." I was so pleased to hear him say that after soooo many appointments of doctors and nurses looking at me like I wasn't feeding my baby because her weight gain was so slow. She is really taking off. While we were there, I told him my frustrations that I shared in an earlier post about the cardio doctors. The thing that I love about our pediatrician is that he is checking on it for me. Not just because I asked, but because he wants to know why. Isn't that great? I really feel like he is looking out for us. Anyway, back to the screaming. Our conclusion is that she is just going through a phase- maybe a growth spurt, maybe a developmental breakthrough. Hard to tell, really. It is hard not to spoil a child who has gone through a lot physically, but I think that we are in for some screaming matches. Where did my sweet baby go? Hopefully her easy going disposition will be back soon. I do feel much assured after having her checked out first, though. Never can be too safe- especially when you are only weeks from a heart surgery.

Here are some pics from today. All dressed up to go see the doctor!

We started her on some diluted prune juice to help with the switch to formula (yes, we made the switch....still going halvsies with breast milk, but the switch is started. trying hard not to feel guilty about this) anyway, she LOVED the prune juice. If her arms were just a bit longer, she would have reached out and grabbed the bottle here in the pic!


  1. She's too cute for words! Love your blog!

    Tami Boyd

  2. So cute! And it's so much fun keeping up with her growth and all of her antics. I think you have a handful here, Deanna. She is wonderful!

  3. She is just precious! We had to put Lily on prune juice too when she started goat milk. After awhile the prune juice started giving her a rash though so we found that gerber pear juice works really well too ;)

  4. Dr. Costello! When we lived in Vermont ( 1997 - 2001 ) our paediatrician was also Dr. Costello. Please say hi to him from the Swiss Pironato Family. We all loved him.

    Addison is doind wonderfully. Keep up the good work!

    Take care

    Helena P.

  5. So glad to hear that someone is listening to you and is trying to help you get answers, Deanna! Addison is just a doll, as usual! I don't have any advice on the screaming, since I never experienced that with my kids. Just be sure she know Mom and Dad are running the show!

  6. Russell pulled that little stunt with us also! He was always a quiet content happy baby and then one day he had a little melt down and was crying and pretty much screaming, it was so out of character for him I panicked and rushed him to the Drs...turns out he was fine, he had just found his voice thats all, ha every now and then he throws a little fit and it makes me smile everytime because having a temper just doesnt suit him!
    Addison looks so cute in her little white dress :)


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