Saturday, June 19, 2010

Trapp Lodge/Swimming Hole

Fun, fun day! It started out with oatmeal pancakes and strawberries covered in vt maple syrup. Then, we headed to Stowe where we tasted Cabot cheese, Lake Champlain chocolates, chocolate hazelnut ice cream, chilled apple cider, and apple cider donuts. Then, we headed to the Trapp family lodge where we had a picnic up in one of the meadows. (yes, this day included a lot of eating!) On the way home, we found a really incredibly beautiful swimming hole. Because it was in the mountain, the water was still a little chilly (so Addison didn't care for it), but was very exhilarating to swim in. Hot day+ swimming in fresh stream water= Fun, fun day!
Addison's first day trip- to the Trapp family lodge....

What a perfect place for a picnic lunch!


Andria and her new camera. She takes the best pictures!

My handsome husband...

Our little family

Aunt Andi


Now without kids...

The awesome swimming hole that we found!

Chubs' first real swimming experience...

It was short lived because Addison wasn't convinced that the water temp was warm enough for her.

Sheila and Tava

Aaron and I took turns holding Addison while the other swam- it was really great swimming. When you sat in front of the waterfalls, it was like a natural jetted tub!

Nighty night

Yes, they were jumping from the rock...the water in the middle was quite deep.


Aaron mid-jump (yes, his farmers tan is so bad, it looks like he is still wearing a white shirt! lol)

Sheila and Addison after we returned home.

What a wonderful day!

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