Friday, June 4, 2010

Swim Time and Random Pics

Daddy and his little girl

Me and chubs....oh to be able to snap these pics without a nasal cannula....

She loves this tummy time mirror that we are borrowing from her friend she grabbed on to a rattle for the first time and really seemed to enjoy waving it around!

"Who is that pretty baby in the mirror?"

Trying to get a good shot....

Celebrating the fact that we can now pick her up under her arms again...Yay! We had to wait several weeks after her heart surgery before being able to do this...

We had a swim lesson in the tub tonight...tried to get a good shot in the mirrors behind the tub...this was the best we could do...guess we need to work on this. lol.

Swim Time!

She definitely had her moments,

but overall seemed to enjoy her swim time!

Fast asleep in her bathing suit from Aunt Andi


  1. It looks like swimming lessons are quite exhausting! I noticed Addison has quite the little (I mean large) tummy!! She is a good eater, eh? Love the pics!! Keep 'em coming! Tell Andrea we miss her at GBC!!

  2. AHH! The painted toenails are SO cute!!!

  3. I think her face has changed this week...she looks so much older. Maybe it's the old lady prune juice :) Love the tankini!!

  4. Hey, the pool is open this week a little bit! I don't know when you're at work, but you guys should join us if you can!

  5. Deanna-So glad to hear you have a sympathetic pediatrician. I t sometimes seems the more degrees and specialties a DR. the lose more people skills and don't even try to put themselves in their patient's shoes.
    P.S. You did a great job with the CVU string concert. I can't imagine what your days are like and after reading a snippet of your travels and appointments for just one day and I figure you are using super mom powers.


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