Sunday, June 13, 2010

Get Ready for Everything and Nothing

Everything single time I put Addison in the tub, she makes this face and spreads her arms and legs out spread is the funniest, cutest thing...but I also thing that it means that she might be scared, so I think I might be a bad Mother for laughing at her....but serious, how cute is this? (-:

I realize that this blog is titled "Everything and Nothing from Essex" and yet my posts are mostly about my new baby, Addison (as well as the new header that I just made for the blog) As Addison is only four months old, I am still adjusting to not only the new mommy thing, being a working new mommy, but also adjusting to the life of a new mommy who was blessed with a child who has a lot of extra health needs. This means I am pretty much running to a doctor at least twice a week and have four separate visits at my home a week from the physical therapist, occupational therapist, nutritionalist and nurse. However, because Addison is now doing so much better, this is now slowing down to fewer doctor runs and every other week visits from the therapists and nurse. Also, my work is ending next week for the summer (I am a teacher), so what is left is me, my baby and finally getting to do some of the "everything and nothing" that this title promises. (-:

Here is my "everything and nothing"
I love to cook
I love cake decorating and making "fancy" desserts
I love perusing decorating magazines and figuring out cost effective ways to implement them in my house
I love keeping house (although that has been EPIC FAIL on my part these past few months as so much else has been going on....something had to go)
I hate hate, hate, hate to fold and put away laundry ( I had to throw this in for my sister's sake)
I love to entertain (although this has been drastically put on hold for the past year as I was soooo sick with the pregnancy and then so busy with getting Addison better)
I love Zumba and the fun way of exercising through doing Latin dance moves (note, I am still horrible at this.....I just love it)
I love taking really long bubble baths (funny story here for later)
I love to spend time with my husband of almost four years
I love watching TV show reruns (well, depends on the show. Aaron prefers movies, but I don't want to commit a couple of hours to watching, just thirty minutes at a time. (-: )
I love music of all kinds. I hold two advanced degrees studying to be a classical clarinetist, but have been branching out since graduation to learn to enjoy music for just music sake instead of analyzing all of the fun out of it always....(-:
I love playing games. I am extremely competitive.
I love spending time with family and friends. So thankful for all of their support this last year!
and last but certainly not least....I love my beautiful daughter!

Why do I list these things? I have been thinking lately, that in order to really be a good mom, my life needs balance. To remember the things that makes me happiest and to make time for them so that not only am I am good mother for Addison now, down the road I can do these activities with her and enjoy spending time with her while teaching her. Anyway, all of this to say- you might see a bigger variety of posts coming up soon as I will have more time once again to return to the things that I love instead of each day's goal being to make it to the next day in one piece. I have never blogged before, so you might find these things not as interesting as reading about Addison, but that is OK....I started this blog as a kind of therapy to help me process some pretty heavy stuff that was going on in my life, and have enjoyed the art of putting feet to my thoughts. Even if no one reads this, I will enjoy continuing to do so, all the while branching out to include a more variety of "thoughts".

Thanks for reading today's ramblings!


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  2. As always, Deanna, I love your blog, and I love that you share your thoughts! Be sure you continue to include pics of Addison (pleasssee!) We need our Addison fix!! I will continue to read your blog! I have a blog as well, (crafty-type blog), and I am my only follower. I'm not discouraged, I just continue to post my little "works of art" on my blog. It is just fun for me to see my creations on my computer screen, so I keep doing it. I'm sure you'll have many followers since you have us all hooked! Again, have a wonderful summer with Aaron and Addison!

  3. oh, of course i will still be posting lots of addison stuff!!!!! just some additional things as well to spice things up. (-: what is your blog site? i will follow your blog!

  4. Haha! That picture made me laugh too - my Martin used to do that when he was a baby! And I laughed every time.
    Can't wait to see the various stuff you come up with on your blog, although I definitely agree with Becky that the weekly Addison fix is a must.

  5. I would love to have a blog follower! Check it out at Thanks, Deanna!


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