Friday, June 18, 2010

Game Night Victory

Her new favorite thing to do-PLAY. Her cheeks are all shiny because I had just put Vitamin E on them to help with the chafing from the tape....

Well, super busy, but glad I could take a moment for some pics with my sweet baby. (notice how her head control is coming....) Yesterday we had a big dinner party and game night with some wonderful friends! Nathan and Karen- who are back in town from deputation, Evan and Sheila who are visiting us from Minnesota, and my FIL. I especially loved this game night....because I WON!!!! (-: I am somewhat of a poor loser (and poor winner, for that matter), and this was the first game night of this nature that I actually defeated my opponents very soundly. If I remember correctly, they were crying and pleading for mercy.....
Addison got an upset tummy and would not go to bed until I finally put her in her swing on high....She is so great about falling asleep right at 8:30 (sometimes I forget to put her to bed at that time and she will fall asleep wherever she is...even mid jump in the jump up) but last night...not so much. I think she was overstimulated and also working on a very large messy diaper that caused her tummy to hurt until she got it out! Poor baby. She seems back to normal now!
Today I am going to my high school's graduation (co-conducting the band) and then packing up final things in the band room and then SUMMER BREAK!!! YAY!!!! I then get to come home to dinner on the grill made by my loving husband and more hanging out with Evan and Sheila and their beautiful daughter, Tava. Should be an OK day....the only thing is, it is beautiful outside, and I just want to find a sunny spot next to a pool and just sleep the day away....oh well, that is to come, I'm sure. (-:


  1. I love the second pict of you guys. She looks like a great cuddler! And congrats on the win =D

  2. I can tell Addison is growing - she's actually filling out those knee socks now!

  3. You should put an * by your win...the best players were out with injuries... :)


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