Friday, June 11, 2010

Feeding Update

The sounds of a baby noisily sucking on her bottle.....watching her little jaw move as fast as physically possible to coax milk out of that bottle faster.....hearing her loudly swallow....seeing her put at least one chubby hand up on top of the bottle as if to dare me to just try to take the bottle out of her mouth...I love watching my baby enjoy food! We have worked hard and it looks like we will be getting her Mic-Key removed at the end of July!!!! Yay! She has come sooo far with her eating! I am so proud of my baby girl! Today she also did so, so well with her physical therapist. She spent some time in her jump up thing....dancing and pushing with her feet....all the while holding her body to the middle and turning her head to her right (which is her weaker side). She is amazing!

Today began the first day of final exams at school. I honestly love my job, but it will be nice to have a couple of months off to spend exclusively taking care of my little girl! My mother and sister Andria have been really great helping me with watching Addison so that I could finish out the school year. I am so thankful for their sacrifice to be here for me! Although the last note that I conduct will be next Friday, my break really doesn't start until mid July as we are booked solid with one thing after another. All fun stuff.....just a lot of it! You know how you look at the calendar in advance and assume that you won't be busy at this time and then when you finally reach is packed full of activity after activity! Oh well, I have no one but myself to blame.

Tomorrow will be busy with making food things up in advance and freezing them so that the next week can go as smoothly as possible with finishing up school and our first round of company. I'm not complaining. I love to spend time in my kitchen....especially when I put Addison in one of her seats nearby....I can't wait until I can work with her in the kitchen....teaching her how to do various and sundry cooking tasks....

This morning I gave a band final exam, and for the last 15 min I told the class that they could bring party-type foods and have a par...(it really wasn't long enough for the entire Anyway, one of the students brought a beautifully decorated cake and tried to convince me that he decorated it himself. As I have taken great interest in cake decorating myself in the last year, I asked him intensive, detailed questions to see how he made some of the flowers....Through the questions it was obvious that he did not make it....was just trying to score bonus points for his exams....Hmmmm. Two minutes later, I looked over and one of the kids had accidentally knocked the cake over and it had done a face plant on the floor and on another student's backpack....while not an easy was certainly very, very funny.

Getting ready to go out to lunch with a wonderful friend!

Ok, so this outfit is still maybe a little bit big....but I couldn't hold off any longer (-:

Here is one of the "chubby hands holding the bottle in" pictures...(-: What a beautiful sight! All of those hours sitting by her bed in the NICU, waiting for her to wake up so that we could practice coaxing her to suck on her pacifier have paid off!!!

She loves her jump up contraption/toy......

oh yes, everything goes in her mouth these days.....

Love this baby!!!!!!

On an entirely different note...I created a title header and can't for the life of me figure out how to get it centered. The answers that google presented me with didn't seem to help either....I am stumped. Suggestions? The off-centeredness is really bugging me....

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  1. I love her little outfit, too cute! Thats awsome she is doing so good with the took Russell a couple months to be able to bottle feed without gasping and choking.
    I love the new background of your blog its beautiful! I dont know how to center your top picture because I'm still new to this whole bloggin thing and I never know what I am doing, lol. But I think it looks great right where it is :)


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