Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Coupons etc.

Since I moved to Vermont over two years ago now, I have endeavored to learn the magical art of couponing from a master couponer- my mother in law. (I realize I have now mentioned her in two posts in a row, but hey, I have a pretty great mother in law.) Anyway, these past six months or so have been not so great as far as coupons go because I have been in survival mode. One day at a time- one meal at a time. But, I have been feeling guilty to pay full price for items that I know that I can get cheaper if I just take the time to clip the coupons. So, today I attempted to jump back in the game. My very sweet sister, Andria cut my coupons while I was in an appointment for Addison (back to this later), and then we "organized" and set off.
The rule of the store is that you can't save more than you spend- you can see from my receipt that I happened right on that sweet middle ground. Today I saved the most I have ever saved during my meager career as a couponer. And, this receipt is the bulk of my purchases, but I actually sent my sister down a separate aisle with some coupons and items that were listed only as one per family....(she is a different family, right?) So the total we saved, drumroll please, was actually $127.51.
To save this, we spent $140.00. But, this bought us diapers, wipes, and body soap for Addison, all of the random cleaning and personal care products pictured below, and a weeks full of groceries (including a restock on soft drinks, juices, ice creams and countless other food items that I like to keep on hand but haven't bothered to pay full price for these last few months). All in all, I was pretty pleased.
I have a long way to go in my couponing, but I feel like I have made decent progress. Any of you couponers have tips for me? The time commitment is something that it is hard to consistently give, but hopefully this summer I will be able to continue with this trend. Also- I get so frustrated that the couponed items are things that I wouldn't necessarily buy, so sometimes I feel that I end up spending more to "save money". Today I felt pretty pleased with my purchases, but I will have to get a bit more creative with my meal making to use only what was on sale or what I had a coupon for. Shout out to Andria who helped me save so much today!

The appointment that I had earlier today- applying for a personal care assistant for Addison for when I go back to work in the fall. Because she will still be on oxygen, I feel a bit nervous about putting her in daycare, so we applied for this program where the government will pay someone to watch Addison for a certain number of hours a week, but I can pick and hire who that person should be and then train that person to continue working with Addison's developmental exercises even while I am gone. I hope that this program will work out for us, because it would be such a huge help, but it was super discouraging to apply because you have to focus on the negatives. We had to list out, item by item, what I have to do that other moms don't have to do- things that qualify Addison for extra care beyond what her peers need. Things such as- it is so much harder to walk from room to room while she is connected by a tube to the oxygen machine in the DR, you trip a lot, you get caught on doorways and the tube pulls- keeping an extra eye on her while she is sleeping because she pulls her cannula off her face, it dangles around her neck, and then she starts to wiggle around her crib- taking literally all day some days to feed her since she still is a slower eater, and she isn't gaining weight, so we are supposed to feed her whenever she seems even remotely hungry....etc, etc, etc. Anyway, just saying that it was a bit depressing to focus on the negatives instead of how well Addison is actually doing.
And to conclude this post, some pics of my angel:
Yes, I admit it. I am a horrible mother. Yesterday when she did eat all day without more than a 20 min break...I finally propped up her bottle and went to do some other things...she held out her arm and held it herself....I felt guilty to do this, but I had already been feeding her for 5 hours straight and was going a bit stir crazy....

She spends a great deal of time with her hands in her mouth....come on teeth....

all dressed up to go to church (thanks, Sheila, for the beautiful dress!)


  1. Don't feel bad about propping the bottle. I have to do it more then I would like....else I would not get anything done.
    Congrats on the great couponing trip. It's too bad that you can't save more then 50%.

  2. What a cutie she is!! And dont feel guilty about the propping, ha ha, we have ALL done it!

  3. i love Addison in the white dot outfit ....toooooo cute <3

    Helena Pironato

  4. Boy, Addison sure looks to me like she is gaining weight! I too propped bottles for my boys when they were little. I did sewing to bring in extra money, so sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Also, did you have $127 in coupons, or did they double them, or what? Where did you get all those coupons? I would love to save $127 on groceries! Teach me!!

  5. Addison is such a doll! I love her cute chubby cheeks!!! I never mastered the art of coupon clipping...with a 2 year old and 5 month old I count my blessings if I make a list and get to the store! :)


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