Sunday, June 27, 2010

catching up on our week with my siblings

she liked pushing her feet into the wet sand....

getting ready to go out for Aunt Andi's birthday....

This past week has been a bit of a whirlwind because on Tuesday morning, Evan and Sheila left for Minnesota and Tuesday evening, my sister Bekka flew in from Wisconsin and Wednesday my brother Jon joined us (also from WI) It was sooo wonderful to see them again! I hadn't seen either of them since last July when I flew out for a quick visit. Also the first time for both of them to meet Addison (and to see my house, but that is totally secondary. baby trumps house) We did fun touristy type things, but also- we would spend entire mornings hanging out in the living room, coffee mugs in hang, just catching up on life. It was so great to be able to just relax and be with my family! I have found the answer to getting people to come visit you even when you live far away- have a baby. ha.
All four siblings together for a visit in Vermont (the right 3 live in Wisconsin)

Sisters with their babies....(-:
My siblings:

My older sister by 18 months. We have always been very close (and slightly competitive....) We got married two weeks apart(-:. She is having a little girl in October! I am so extremely excited for her and her husband Eric. They are really going to make fantastic parents! Bekka was a bit of a terror as a child, so we did quite a bit of joking about the antics that Bekka's child will pull on them....

Bekka's belly bump (-:

Addison was enthralled to meet her beautiful Aunt Bekka for the first time. She said "So this is who has been sending me all of those beautiful clothes...." We think Addison got her kissy lips from Aunt Bekka.

Brother Jon. Such a sweet guy to put up with three sisters. He usually goes along with us like a good sport.....his manliness is never questioned- even when we had him spending a long time yesterday helping us pick out the perfect necklace. It takes a true man to be patient enough to put up with three sisters! He will make some very lucky woman a wonderful husband someday!!!!! Addison loved Uncle Jon! When she first met him, she kept pulling the blanket over her head, pulling it back and then smiling at cute! He got her a super cute outfit and shoes that actually stay on her (the shoes, not the outfit)! I will post pics of them later.

Andria. After she finished her school year (she is a college sophomore), she came to Vermont to live with us and take care of Addison for me while I went back to work. She also has been amazing in helping me clean, keep up with laundry and even brings me coffee in bed! I want her to live with me forever! Sadly, she is leaving next week to go back home to Wisconsin. She will be greatly missed. I am soooo thankful for her help these past two months. I would have gone crazy or had a stroke or something equally as awful without her help.
Here she is with Chubs. She is going to miss her niece!

Here she is on her 20th birthday. We got to all celebrate together for the first time in many, many years!

We'll turn her into a beach lover yet! (bathing suit from Aunt Andria)

Before Jon flew in, all of us sisters went to Applebees for lunch. Addison kept staring up at the wall and smiling and smiling. What was on that wall?

This very old saxophone....that should make Grandpa Dean very happy! Maybe she will be a saxophone player!

Aunt Bekka taught Addison how to use the phone...

you can see she loved this....give her a few

Once again staring at Aunt Bekka....can't wait until her cousin will come out and play!!!!!

Thank you, Bekka, Jon and Andria for the visit. I love you all very much! (shout out to mother and dad and Bekka's husband Eric, yes, you were missed on this visit....)


  1. great pictures and comments

    Helena Pironato

  2. So glad you were able to spend time with your siblings. Looks like you guys had a great time!

  3. Another great post and pics, Deanna. :) You make my day! ~Stacey

  4. Love all the pics, Deanna! My absolute favorites are Addison on the phone!


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