Monday, May 17, 2010

Supermom Potion

I just finished whipping up what I have affectionately dubbed my "supermom potion" to drip down into Addison's stomach through her Mic-Key button while she sleeps. Because of her hard work and increased energy, this late night feed is the only one that we use the Mic-Key for. Because of this, I try to load it full of all of the medicines and vitamins that she won't take by mouth earlier in the day. As a result, it is a rather "tasty" snack that ends up smelling a bit like sewer water. Yuck. This supermom potion includes (but is not limited to) three ounces breast milk, one ounce formula, an extra ounce of dry formula to add calories, .5 ml Lasik, 1.4 ml Viagra (yes, my daughter is on Viagra. This is actually what it was originally invented for), .5 multi vitamin and if she is particularly fussy right before bed I will add 1 ml of ibuprofen to help her cope with the muscle pain around her incision. I used to add an iron supplement as well, but have stopped using that as formula includes iron and I don't want to constipate her. I think back to before I had her and to how little experience I had with babies and marvel at how far I have come. A year ago if you had told me that I would be measuring out medicines and dripping potions directly into my daughter's stomach all the while working around oxygen and so many other things that accompany parenting- I would have laughed at you saying that I could never handle all of that. It is amazing- "The Lord will never lead you where His grace can't keep you" or something like that. It is true.

Tonight, before my sister Andria and I left the room to fix dinner, we set Addison up on her boppy throne with the TV making noise up on the wall behind her. She usually is just very content entertaining herself.
Tonight, however, she wanted to be entertained by whatever that noise was that she heard behind her. She pushed her little self up with her very strong legs until her head was hanging off the end of the boppy (pictured above) and she was watching TV upside down. We don't let her watch TV, so this was short lived. But, I found it impressive that she worked herself into this position. Especially considering the fact that she has a healing, rather new incision on her side that includes healing muscles that were cut through. It leads me to think that perhaps it did hurt her, but she didn't allow pain to stand in the way of something she was determined to get....I think we have a stubborn one on our hands....(-:
You know, maybe I am just naive or maybe just blinded by the glasses of new motherhood and each one thinking that her child is a prodigy and a genius, but I just don't see "slowness" in my daughter. I am told that because of my daughter's extra chromosome, she will be slower, but she has exhibited to me a beautiful, unique personality, full of curiosity and brightness. Yes, she has struggled with some physical things related to this extra chromosome, but mentally, I feel that Addison is quite smart. I know that however this plays out in her development, she will have areas that she excels in and areas that she will have to work harder in- just like any other child. Sometimes I just sit and stare and try to "see" the Down Syndrome in her, and I can't. All I see is this beautiful baby girl who smiles at me because she knows that I am her Mommy, repositions her body so that she can watch TV when she knows she isn't supposed to, pulls out her nasal cannula off her face when she has just had enough, reaches out and puts one hand on Mommy and one hand on Daddy when she joins us in bed some early mornings, grabs onto her sleeves when I start to change her clothes as if to stop me from undressing her, gulps down her bottles with both chubby hands on top of it so that I won't pull it away until she is ready, has heart surgery and rallies just days later- enduring a 4 hour car ride home in her car seat while all stitched up down her side......this list could go on and on. She is amazing, smart, beautiful, and she is my daughter. I don't believe in stereotyping.


  1. Wow. You are blessed, Deanna, and we are blessed through your family. Thank you for sharing Addison with us in this way. :)


  2. This is beginning to be an awesome way to include in my morning, coffee mug in hand, reading your blog, Deanna! I just love hearing your "mommy" thoughts, and reading all about Addison's antics - and remembering the exact same thoughts, feelings, and watching the exact same baby antics from my own babies... way back then :)

  3. It's so interesting to read your blog today, Deanna. As I have followed your blog since your started it, one of the thoughts I continually have is that I just don't see the Down Syndrome in her at all. She is a sweet, beautiful baby girl to me! A wonderful, precious gift from God!! That's what I see in Addison! Thanks so much for sharing her with us! I truly enjoy every picture and all the details of your little family! I always click on the pictures so I can see them a little more close up!


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