Thursday, May 27, 2010

Picture catch up

So, I have been rather silent this week as I have been a bit preoccupied with work and such. End of the year means end of the year concerts, and as I have been out most of the semester for maternity leave/Boston surgery, these surgeries were extra stressful for me this year. One of them is now over, and thankfully was not a total disaster. (-: Now I am prepping for some Memorial weekend entertaining and then another concert on Tuesday night. Really looking forward to school being over for the summer so that I can spend more time with my beautiful baby! Speaking of which- here are some pics from random moments over the past week. She has started rolling up on one side and just hangs out. I'm not sure that she is trying to roll over...hard to tell. Her head is in a weird position if she is trying to roll. Anyway, she is so super wiggly and full of energy now that her heart hole is repaired, she is much harder to keep up with. She has also started "moving" by wiggling her butt. If I put her on a pillow, within minutes she has wiggled off the pillow and is then lying parallel to it. Love this!
Next week she will be hitting the four month mark, and I am considering trying to introduce some solid foods such as rice cereal. My therapist says that we can introduce anytime between four months and a year, and I have heard if a baby struggles with bottle eating they often take better to eating solid foods. She is doing much better with her bottle, but I still feel like she would really enjoy the solid foods. Thoughts on this? Is four months too early to start trying?

She is in a phase where she grabs on to her skirt and lifts it over her head....we are working on the modesty issue...(-:

On a different note, we planted our garden this week...hoping that I will be able to keep up with it all summer....anyone want to come help me weed?

Here she is halfway up on her side...

hmmm, so the pic is kind of a weird angle, but you get the idea...

Can anyone say...milk bong? That is her Mic-Key tube. For a while she was trying to put the end in her mouth. By the time I got my camera, she was asleep and just holding on.

Her first pedicure....for those who are critically looking at the less than perfect paint job...this is soooo much harder than it looks.

Now when she is hungry, she starts to lick her arm. So cute.


  1. Addison is such a cutie pie!

  2. im quite impressed with the pedicure!!! its really hard to polish little ones nails!! it looks really cute on her!!

  3. What a doll! Love the pedicure!

  4. Such a cutie! I do think she is trying to roll! When Russell started trying he would crank his head WAY back and kind of arch up...looked creepy but thats how he eventually started rolling.
    I always started my kids on solids around six months...but Russell seemed ready and wanting something more than just a bottle earlier so we started him around five. If she has issues with bottle feeding she might take to food much more easier than other babies, give it a try and see how she does! And always remember that if you think she might be ready for something she probably is, because YOU know your baby better than anyone else :)
    Love her painted nails!

  5. Hey Deanna!!! Addison is so cute! and looks like she is doing fantastic after having her heart surgery!! it's amazing to me how quickly these little ones bounce back!
    on a side note...i love that we have so much in common....including our age...25, which is hard to come by sometimes in the DS world! so thanks for pointing everything out! it will be so fun to watch our kidlets grow up together! and us as well :)

  6. Hi Deanna- Glad to catch up with you today. Addison is gorgeous. I like her painted nails, too! Here is the link to Nicole's blog:
    Anne Pius


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