Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

What a lovely, relaxing Memorial Day! We spent time with friends, spent time as a family and Addison got her first mower ride! As Aaron runs a landscaping business, this will be a pretty big part of her might as well start early. (-:

Addison sitting solo on the mower. She can hold herself up, but the seat is rather slippery, so we had to give her an assist to stay you can see, we outfitted her with safety glasses and protective footwear (even though her foot only takes up half of the shoe...which are newborns)

Here she is pre- mower ride

Pre-mower ride with Aunt Andi...not sure what she's trying to say...

Getting her all set up on Daddy's mower...

Family photo op...

Addison's first mower ride around the house....

Had to include a pic of this- I was rather frustrated at the beginning of this weekend, so I channeled my frustration into some entertaining. Had a blast! This is one of the new cake recipes that I tried. It is now one of my favorites! As a black and white fan, you can see why this cake captured my interest...Note to self: it is a good idea to get a dessert calendar for the wall in the kitchen. This way you have a new dessert recipe to try every month. Note to self: it is a bad idea to get a dessert calendar for the wall in the kitchen when you are trying to lose the last of that baby weight...haha...oh well, i enjoyed making this cake!


  1. Sure looks to me like Addison really enjoyed her mower ride today! She may follow in her Daddy's footsteps and take over the business some day!

  2. Deanna-

    Hi, it looks like you had a WONDERFUL holiday weekend! Addison looked SOOO cute in her flashy shades, what a moviestar!

    I bought Rowdy's blow-up ducky bathtub at Target for $11! =) I have also seen it at Walmart. It's made by Muchkin. Rowdy LOVES it, and the when you squeeze the duck's bill, it quacks...this happens to be his favorite part.

    FYI, I am not a sweets kinda person (like I would perfer a bag of Doritos to cookies/cakes) but that cake you made looks DELICIOUS! Good work!

    I hope you have a wonderful week!


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