Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It seems like Monday

Yes, this is what today was like....Addison and I just have different ways of expressing it...(-:
To start off, I approached my early band rehearsal, freaking out a little because I have had to miss so many extra rehearsals due to the extra maternity leave I had to take because of bedrest and the NICU stay and the Boston surgery trip. Our concert is one week from tonight. I stood in front of my class and informed them that we only had three short little rehearsals left before our concert and we had soooo much work to do. Half of the class raised their hand and informed me that pretty much 98 percent of the class would be on a field trip during our rehearsal on Thursday. I quickly amended the numbers- two rehearsals (counting today's) before our concert. Yikes. No pressure or anything. As I stood in front of the afternoon class explaining this same thing, the fire alarm then rang eating even more into our class time. All of this to say- stressful day at work.

I arrived home just in time for Addison's physical therapy appointment. Addison had a good day with Aunt Andi (who is doing a great job) and seemed in good spirits for her appointment. The therapists said that we would just see what would bother her, so we did her regular appointment. After the therapist left, Addison started getting extremely fussy to the point that she couldn't be comforted and I know that we overdid it in her appointment, so I gave her some Ibuprofen to help her with the pain. There is nothing quite as heartbreaking as seeing a baby in pain. It is so hard to know how best to help her. She is sleeping quietly now, but she was quite unhappy there for a while. The picture above was taken during this time. I was trying to get a pic of her cute outfit, but she wouldn't calm down long enough....poor baby.

Also, I took my sister Andi to my Zumba class tonight. I was so excited not only to burn some stress from my day, but also to share the class experience with my sister. We waited with a roomful of other women for about fifteen minutes and then were told that the instructor was a no show and that we should just go home. How disappointing.

While I had my camera out today, I just had to snap a picture of my new hanging flower baskets. These were my Mother's Day gift from Aaron. Aren't they beautiful? Trust the landscaper to have the best taste in flowers! They aren't hung yet, but I am enjoying them even while they are still on the front porch. (-:

Also, while I was outside, I took a picture of Aaron working on our garden....most people use hand tools for a home garden, but if my husband can use a large piece of machinery, he will. Also, if you will notice the swimming pool across the street. Still trying to figure out how I can get access to this pool. It is simply cruel that I can see it from my house, but I can't even pay to use it.....


  1. Whew what a Monday. You have such a sweet attitude though. So happy Addison was able to be calmed. She is such a sweetie. Love your gorgeous flowers and Aaron's garden tool. The Lord knows you have done the best you can with the time you've had for you class practices and somehow it will all work out. Continuing to pray for your sweet little family.

  2. it seems that my husband commented under my login to describe why he was using such a large piece of machinery to work in our garden...hmmm


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