Monday, May 3, 2010

A bunch of pictures

Here is Addison wearing a dress that I wore as a baby. Do you think we look like each other? The bottom picture is me when I was 3 weeks old.

My beautiful baby. She has her Daddy's blue far (-: Notice how chubby her arms are it.

Notice the color on the walls. That was last week's project. I will post before and after pictures soon.

Grandma Ruth got here yesterday and will be here for two weeks. She seems to be enjoying watching Addison while I am at work.

Here is Addison in "my" dress again...what a cutie!

Singing along with her Sunday School CD (-:


  1. So fun!! I put 2 of my daughters in a dress that was my mom's when she was a baby and took pictures but by the time the third one was here it was tearing some so I didn't get hers but have the dress in a shadow box now. i've saved some of their dresses for their kids though. We'll see. Addison looks so precious in yours. That is so special.

  2. Addison is so beautiful! I love the close-up picture - and the chubby arms. Enjoy your mom!

  3. OK, and your paint job looks AMAZING!

  4. Addison is so sweet, cute, and adorable!! I'm so glad Grandma Sanford finally gets to hold and love her first grand baby! Have a wonderful two weeks!

  5. She certainly has your nose. And she's getting cuter by the minute. Love those chubby arms!

  6. George and Wanda HoskinsMay 4, 2010 at 6:57 PM

    Addison is so very precious and sweet!! She looks so pretty in her grandma Ruth's dress! Deanna, we have never met you and we already love you and your family! We knew and loved her great grandparents, Bill and Esther Richardson and their sweet daughters, Ruthie and Rebeckah....meaning Grandma Ruthie! So many years ago, when your mom was a very young and sweet daughter of our minister and his wife!

  7. My mom saved some of my clothes too, and Elizabeth has worn them--I love it! Yes, I think she looks a bit like you, with more cheeks. . .

    I love her chubby arms. That was one of the saddest things about Elizabeth getting "big"--when she lost the creases at her wrists.

    Please greet your mom for me, I know she is enjoying Addison so much. Oh, and you. (Have you ever noticed that you are invisible after having children? But it's okay, huh?)


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