Monday, April 5, 2010

Heart Echo

Well, here I sit on the couch with a sleeping Addison after a pretty rough day. This morning, we had a visit with the pediatrician where Addison got four shots, and then we were at the hospital all afternoon for a heart and lung echo. She is now running a slight fever from the shots and is more than a little cranky...but can you really blame her?

At the morning appointment, we discussed weight gain (which is going well), when we will be putting tubes in her ears to drain the fluid behind her ear drums, her G-tube status, and her liver medication. Addison fussed to be disturbed the whole time we were there since the appointment fell right in the middle of her morning nap and then screamed bloody murder while getting her shots and then for a while afterward as she remembered the hurt and betrayal of those mean people who stuck her with needles while she was just drifting back to sleep. In the afternoon appointment (which went forever long), they first tested her blood saturation levels, listened to her heart and lungs and asked a million questions that every doctor asks (I am about ready to just record the answers and then just play them back for all of these appointments). Also, her 12:00 feeding time was overshadowed by travel time between appointments so she didn't get the full amount and was operating on a somewhat empty stomach. I kept trying to get her to take her bottle whenever they stopped poking at her, but she wouldn't take the bottle because of all of the excitement. Anyway, after the initial tests and questions, we moved to another room for the doctor to come in with several medical students and ask the same questions again and listen to her all over again, and then they moved us to yet another room to do the echo with a slightly crabby nurse and Addison kept wiggling too much so they brought in a second slightly crabby nurse to help hold her down. After the echo, the cardiologist came back in to tell us that the holes are still in her heart and we discussed the different surgery options. He said that she will have to be on oxygen until these holes are corrected via surgery. He is sending the echo pictures to the surgeons in Boston to see which surgery option they recommend and the timetable for it (probably sometime this summer). We will be hearing from them within the next two weeks and will know when this will be happening and whether we will have to do an extensive surgery or can get by with just repairing one hole which is much less intrusive.

Anyway, it is now the end of the day and this Mommy is exhausted-emotionally and physically. I think in a sense, watching your child go through long endless tests and get shots is harder on the parent than it actually is on the child. Thank goodness for a husband who is sweet enough to bring home carryout Chinese food and the relaxing Monday night shows. I'm not sure Addison will ever forgive me for what I put her through today. I hope my sweet baby returns soon.

Also, while traveling in the elevator in the hospital to the afternoon appointment, there was another mom about my age with a huge baby that looked like he was about ready to out grow the front facing car seat. I asked her how old her baby was and she said "Eight weeks, yours?" Slightly stunned, I said, "eight weeks", and we just stared awkwardly at each other until we got to the right floor since her baby was easily twice or three times the size of Addison. I think the midwesterners have it right- why try to talk to complete strangers? Aaron makes that look so easy.

On a lighter note- apparently Addison has decided that she is going to start undressing herself as this is how I found her this morning ...maybe she was gearing up for her big day...


  1. Poor little Addison - what a day! It's a good thing our little ones don't have good memories. Loved the picture of you two on the couch together! Will continue to pray.
    When I was at one of Becca's OT appointments, we met a mom who had a 13lb baby at birth! Over 6x the birth weight of Becca - I think my eyes popped out when the mom told me how much she weighed!

  2. How come they let slightly crabby nurses work in pediatrics?! Not okay!

  3. I agree with Kristen. The nurses should be cheerful and helpful to the moms and babies in their care. If not they should find another place to "minister."

  4. Addison will not remember this! :O) Samuel had an MRI (I think?) (EEG?) once which required probes all over his head. He had lots of hair. Every time he turned his head one came off, it seemed. I tried patting etc, then nursing, then of course he had to burp. . . Our nurse wasn't very happy by the time we were finished. What did she expect?!


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