Thursday, April 29, 2010

Volcano Addison

Pretty pleased with herself after today's activities....

It's amazing how one appointment can take up the entire day. Addison and I had an appointment at 1:15 and it pretty much took all afternoon. Not only did it take up the entire afternoon, but it was quite rough. Here is how it went down. We arrived about 15 minutes early so that I could give Addison her bottle before going in. She made a good start on it while we were in the car and then I decided to have her finish it in the waiting room. The only problem was, the appointment was upstairs with no visible elevator, so my usual stroller trick (putting the oxygen cylinder in the cart and snapping in her car seat) wouldn't work. I decided that it probably wouldn't be that long of an appointment, so I left her diaper bag in the car, taking my purse with some papers that we needed, a blanket, her bottle, her oxygen and one burp cloth. It was a bit of a struggle to carry the car seat and the O2 bottle at the same time, so I threw all of the stuff in her car seat and carried Addison over my shoulder. Once in the waiting room, I had a whole mess of papers I was supposed to fill out, but I was still holding Addison so the lady next to me offered to help me. While waiting and filling out papers, Addison managed to take down almost the rest of the bottle. I was busy trying juggle her things, fill out the paperwork, talk to the lady helping me and continue to feed Addison that I forgot something essential- burping Addison. We finally got called back, and I continued to carry Addison over my shoulder while carrying all of her stuff in the seat. We got back to the exam room and the initial nurse was brand new to the job, so she was paying a lot of attention to paperwork and such and not a whole lot to us. All was going well, until about two minutes into the appointment. I looked down at Addison and she had a very familiar look on her face. About the time I diagnosed the face- it happened. Addison opened her cute little mouth and the contents of the entire bottle that she had just scarfed down came out in a fountain of milky eruption- all over me. all over her. all over the chair. When Addison spits up- it is everything or nothing and this was definitely everything. I looked over at the nurse to see what she would say. She had not even noticed and just continued asking me a million questions. I said...."Oops, Addison just threw up" and we still didn't get a glance from the nurse....hmmmm. At this point, I was regretting leaving her diaper bag with a change of outfit in the car, but thought, how much longer could this appointment actually be? I stripped her down to her onesie and thought we would just ride out the rest of the visit. The nurse directed me back to the waiting room and told me to wait for the next part of the visit. The waiting room was full except for one seat and I was covered in vomit so I silently apologized to all of those sitting around me since I knew the smells radiating from my sweater were pretty bad. I sat down and not thirty seconds later, I look down at Addison and realize that she has turned bright red and is grunting. Just then, a wave of silence fell over the waiting room....just in time for the "thunder from down under" coming from under Addison's onesie.....the smell that then hit the room was almost immediate. People started to stare as soon as they heard her very loud gas noises and even more so when they started to catch a whiff of what she had produced. I looked down at the white onesie and realized that there was brown stuff oozing out and that I was going to have to make a trip out to the car. I juggled all of the stuff and a now oozing Addison back out to the car to get the diaper bag and back inside to do a diaper change as well as put a new outfit on Addison. Unfortunately, I didn't have a new outfit and the appointment was far from over. Ahhh, the special Mommy perfume, accompanied by dark wet blotches all over my clothing....A couple of notes to self: 1. never leave the diaper bag behind. that is the time that you will need it the most. 2. always pack a spare shirt for Mommy in the diaper bag. Anyway, all of that to say- stressful afternoon.

After we got home, we got a call from the nurse practitioner in Boston who had more details about Addison's heart surgery. They have decided to just close up one hole for now. They will then reevaluate if that is enough to cure the pulmonary hypertension and if she will no longer need O2. If it doesn't help, they will go back in later to close up the second hole. They seemed pretty optimistic that this first surgery will solve most of the problem, but obviously they can't promise anything. I am feeling a bit better about this now. They will go in through her side (behind her arm) instead of having to do bypass and go in through the middle. I do not speak medical jargon, so please excuse the extremely simplistic explanation. So thankful that they chose the less risky surgery. I really hope that this will take care of her need for O2. I would really like to see her beautiful face without having it covered in tape and a nasal cannula...although she is getting great coordination practice as she continues to pull it out of her nose and attempts to pull it off of her face. (-:

Spinach and cheese calzones in the oven. Hoping for a nice, quiet evening with some laundry folding to recover from the afternoon. Also still working on getting my house put back together after our painting venture this week....there just aren't enough hours in the day.


  1. Glad you've had such a restful vacation week,
    Deanna! :-) Love thos Addison smiles!

  2. Lounging on the chair, Addison looks like her day was quite relaxing! I think she rather enjoyed it!

  3. I love her smile! Sorry your day was so messy in the afternoon. :)

  4. Don't worry about it hon, we ALL learn those lessons the hard way. Sorry your appointment was so rough though! I love reading about all your adventures, and addison is looking as cute as ever!

  5. wow, I was tired just reading it. Glad you made it through. Addison doesn't look a bit shaken up. Hope you had a relaxing evening. She's precious.

  6. I was howling with laughter as I read this. Ridiculous, uncontrollable laughter. At least my husband thought so - you know the look they give, which I've wisely learned to ignore.

    SO HAPPY to hear that they're going with the less risky of the two procedures. Poor little girl though, I'll be praying this helps her a LOT!


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