Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Scheduling Change

"Your daughter will need to have heart surgery this summer in Boston". This is what Addison's cardiologist told us at her last echo. This summer. That seemed far off and somewhat elusive, so I tucked this horrifying thought away....a problem for future Deanna to handle. Until today. This afternoon. When my phone rang with a Boston area code and I was told that her surgery would be happening a lot sooner-two weeks from today. The person on the other end of the phone really knew nothing about the surgery. She was just told that she needed to schedule it. We were told before that Addison has two holes in her heart that are not closing up. They hadn't decided if they would be closing both holes or just one. If they close both of them, they have to go in through the middle- breaking a bone and we are talking heart/lung machine and a big deal surgery. If they just close up one- it is still a surgery and still a big deal, but not as risky. They still have not told us which one will be occurring. When I asked the scheduler about this, she gave me a doctor's number who would supposedly answer all of my questions. However, I called the number and got the doctor's assistant's assistant who knew nothing and transferred me to a dead end. I will be calling back again tomorrow. They said that we will need to be there one full day before the surgery for tests and registration, and that they would only keep her overnight for one night after the surgery and then she can come home. This leads me to believe that they are choosing the smaller surgery- but I can't be sure until someone will actually tell me that for sure....so frustrating. One good thing is- my mother will be visiting as well as my sister. So, I will have company for the entire trip as this is Aaron's busy season and he will probably only be able to come down for the day of the surgery.

On a totally different note, these last two days have been pretty crazy and filled with painting as I set out to redo my Living Room over Spring Break. I am happy to report that all of the painting is pretty much done. All that is left is painting the closet doors which are detached and set up in the basement ready for me to roller paint. Tomorrow I will scrub the floor and put my furniture all back in the right places. So excited. It was nice to finally get this project done- it has been bugging me since the day we moved in. It has also been wonderful to have the help of family to help get this done quickly- Mom and Dad Smith, Nano, and Poppy- so grateful for their help. I am so pleased with the outcome. Only problem is now, the paint job looks so awesome...I am going to have to go buy some new furniture....(-:

Here are some pictures for the last couple of days that I have not previously posted since I have been busy painting...

A little father/daughter time. I think she has his eyes...

My beautiful daughter

All snuggled up in her swing watching Mommy paint. I'm pretty sure that this face is saying- "Hey Mom, you missed a spot..."

Nano took a painting break to hold Addison. She was originally going to watch Addison so that I could focus on painting, but Addison was such an angel and slept pretty much all day so we were all able to paint.

She is very coordinated. Look at the evil that she is performing with her talented hand and the very pleased expression on her face...

I came in one night and found this....how in the world did she get throw up in both eyes????

Just wanted to report that her feet are getting bigger....these shoes almost fit. They actually stayed on for a picture!

"It's my party and I'll cry if I want to" Yes Addison, sometimes being beautiful is hard work...


  1. My cousing had heart surgery for holes in his heart...they did two smaller surgeries within the first four months after his birth and a third when he was around nine months. The third, and final surgery, was an open heart surgery and he did really well afterwards. It involved all the same things you were talking about. He's now 10 years old and as healthy as can be...he really flourished after his surgery. I'll be praying for you guys and Addison!

  2. Wow, alot to deal with and so much quicker than you thought. Praying for you all and the doctors. So happy your mom will be there.
    Happy for your project turning out well. It's always so fun to redo and rearrange. I just scrubed down walls and rearranged my living room too. Always a good feeling. Addison is so adorable and I love hearing how things are going. God Blesss!

  3. Super cute! Love the little shawl-neck cardigan!

  4. She only cries when there's a good reason, I'm sure. Everytime I have ever seen her she has been sleeping like an angel or looking intently at something. Such a precious child!


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