Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday morning

When I woke up this beautiful Monday morning, I looked around at the disaster that I call home and briefly wondered....exactly what did I do all weekend? I remember being pretty tired from my first week back at work....I remember holding my sweet little girl....feeding my sweet little girl...changing my sweet little girl...bathing my sweet little girl...but other than that, nothing really got done. Man, it is exhausting being a Mom...but I wouldn't trade it for the world. While I am teaching a class, I forget about life outside the classroom as I focus on teaching, but as soon as I am in my car driving home, I remember that I have the most beautiful daughter waiting for me at home and I start smiling and can't seem to stop.

Today, Addison's feeding therapist came by and Addison performed admirably with her bottle. She also did a couple of good sized burps...Daddy's tutelage seems to be paying off. (-: The last time the therapist came, Addison scarfed down her bottle in 15 minutes and as we were bragging about her, she vomited the entire thing on me. Ahhh, the special Mommy perfume. The big improvement eating wise this week is that we have switched from the low flow bottle nipple to a regular flow bottle. Her breathe, suck, swallow ratio is much better than it used to be. When a baby eats, they are supposed to have one suck to one swallow to one breath. Addison at first would take 12 sucks before taking a breath. It is good to see her becoming much more coordinated with her eating.

I taught my first clarinet lesson tonight since returning from maternity leave. While teaching, I had a flash back to a clarinet lesson when I was in junior high. My clarinet teacher had just had a baby, and she brought the baby to all of my lessons. During one lesson, her baby had a big messy diaper, so she changed the baby right in front of me and then picked up her clarinet to resume things without washing her hands or anything. I always thought that was the grossest thing. Tonight I changed Addison before my student arrived and washed my hands before picking up my clarinet....this is something I vowed I would do ever since junior high. It is weird that I still remember that story in such vivid detail.

Not sure how she managed to get the oxygen tube around her head like that, but this is how I found her....desperately trying to grab onto it with her mouth...(-:

The view out my front door. I love Vermont!

The sunlight enthralled her...


  1. Do you still remember the kid in Germany that about broke your clarinet? I wonder if his hands were dirty?


  2. .... i miss Vermont

  3. thank you for finding us! :) we are loving finding new friends! your little girl is so beautiful! i bet you are having tons of fun with her! camden was on oxygen for the first two months so i know how that can be :) but yay for babies and ever growing stronger ones at that!


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