Wednesday, April 21, 2010


So today was supposed to be a light day. Teach one class, do some baking, maybe some cleaning. Little did I know... At 9:00, the hospital calls and says that they can replace her g-tube with a mic-key button today at 2 or we will have to wait until May 3rd. Her g-tube has been oozing all sorts of nastiness and bleeding if bumped the wrong way, and we have been very anxious to have it replaced with the button which is much easier to take care of. We definitely wanted this replaced as soon as possible. However, my class went until 1:30 and there was no way that I could get home from school, load up Addison, and make it to the hospital in time for a 2:00 appointment. So, my extremely graciously mother-in-law, who was watching Addison at my house today, met me at the hospital with Addison. This appointment was nothing like I imagined. They said that it could be done as an outpatient procedure, but I still imagined it as a surgery where they would give her some sort of painkiller and work in a somewhat sterile environment. This is what happened: I ran to the hospital as fast as I could, releasing my class a few minutes early so that I could for sure get there in time. I got there just a few minutes before they called Addison back. They first weighed her, and said that she weighed 10 lbs, 4 ozs (she weighed 9 lbs 10 ozs on Friday). On that positive note, we headed to the room where they would perform the procedure. The doctor headed in a few minutes later with a resident and a medical student in tow. I asked if he wanted her onesie to be taken off and he said that I could merely raise it over the g-tube spot , but she could keep her onesie "on". I complied, wondering how this was going to go down. I backed away from the table so the surgeon could do his thing, and the resident suggested that maybe I wanted to wait outside. I said that I wouldn't directly look, but I wanted to be there for Addison. What happened next shocked and surprised me. The surgeon merely reached to the base of the g-tube, ripped it out of her stomach (with no painkillers) and quickly replaced it with the button. Addison immediately started screaming, a scream I had not heard before today. Normally when she screams, her eyes are shut and kind of scrunched up, but today her eyes were wide open while she was crying. It really broke my heart. The surgeon then gave me a users manual for the button, said if it fell out we should go to the emergency room, and left the room. The appointment took maybe 5 minutes. Probably the worst five minutes of her life so far. Thankfully, as soon as I started putting her in the stroller and in the car, the motion managed to lull her to sleep. But, as soon as we got home, she woke up and has been intermittently crying and fussing ever since. Can you really blame her? The surgeon said that if she was in pain we could give her a bit of tylenol, but our pediatrician told us not to give her any tylenol because of her enlarged liver. Thankfully, we can pick her up and comfort her, but she is now in bed, still a bit fussy and fighting sleep.

The swing helped to comfort her. Whenever she is really upset, she grabs onto her oxygen tube to soothe herself.

This is a picture of her new button- supposedly much easier to use. At the very least, it will be easier to dress her.
Overall- rough day. Wish that I could take my baby's pain away...)-:
Like peanut butter on the fingers of a curious toddler, this post is begging to be shared.


Grandma Sanford said...

Poor, poor Addison.. This breaks Grandma's heart!

Suzanne said...

Oh, Deanna, I am just sighing in pain for sweet little Addison. It is a good thing that our bodies are built for healing, and I know hers will. Still, you will remember the pain for longer than she will. I'm praying that all of this irritation and hurt will clear up for her very soon, and that in the meantime this mic-key tube will be effective. Are they giving you any meds to clear up the inflammation at the site of the button?

Becky said...

Poor Addison! This breaks our hearts, too! We're praying for little Addison!

christianrebecca said...

Ohhh... Poor baby. Poor little baby. This made me cry. I automatically insert how I would feel if it were my baby girl into how you must be feeling. Oh Deanna. Praying for you all today.

Anonymous said...

Praying for you and your sweet babe! You are such a wonderful mommy - I hope she feels so much better soon.

Anonymous said...

Poor baby. We're praying for her!

christianrebecca said...

How's Addison doing today? I couldn't sleep last night for thinking about her poor little hurting tummy! Prayed for her a lot!

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