Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A visit to school

I just want to take a moment to thank all of you for your wonderful words of encouragement these past two months since we have had a somewhat rocky start to parenting. Each comment, each card in the mail, each beautiful gift for Addison- these have all helped us smile and not just endure, but enjoy each day of carrying for Addison and traveling down the not so easy path that is laid out before us. I am soo behind on my thank you notes (working on this very thing), and it is very hard to portray sufficient thanks on a small 3x5 card when the words "thank you" seem empty and just not enough. This has challenged me to be a better friend- a better family member. I hope that I can be as much encouragement in return to all of you someday.

Today has been a bit rough. Ran to another doctor's appointment this morning in which they pretty much did nothing new. I wish they could have just combined today's appointment with Monday's because it was in the same place and they really did a lot of the same things. They weighed and measured her on Monday and then again today, and according to their numbers, she has shrunk half an inch and gained half an ounce between the two visits....I am beginning to mistrust the measuring skills of some of these medical students....Keeping such detailed track of her growth has really been confusing between all of the different scales involved. On Monday, she weighed 9.2 ounces, on Tuesday- 9.4, and then today weighed 9.25...what? It would be nice if we didn't have to micromanage her weight gain. I can feel her getting heavier, isn't that enough?

A couple of good things happened this morning at the appointment. Her liver functions are back to normal (Bilirubin) although still slightly enlarged, so we can discontinue one of her medications. Yay! Also, while at the appointment, she spit out her pacifier onto the floor, and I couldn't get over to a sink to rinse it off and she really wanted to keep sucking on something, so for the first time she got several fingers in her mouth and sucked on them for a while. She has been working so hard to get her hand in her mouth and has come close on several occasions, but this is the first time that she achieved success. I am so proud of her. Also, while the doctor was trying to listen to her chest, Addison didn't care to be on her back anymore, so she rolled up onto her side to get away from the doctor's stethoscope. Developmentally she is doing very well. According to the list that the doctor gave me, Addison seems to be right on track the same as any other baby (so far). We are working hard to make sure that she continues to progress.

Anyway, after the doctor's appointment, we headed over the school where I teach to try to catch up on a few things before I go back to work on Monday. Addison was extremely cooperative and even took her feed by bottle while still in her carseat. (It's amazing that the drs tell you what feeding time schedule to put your child on and then they schedule appointments that invariably mean that you will miss a feeding..just pointing out the irony). Anyway, the visit to school was a little discouraging as I spoke with my sub and looked at next years numbers. It is hard to go back to work for the first time (even though just part time). My mind is still on Addison and keeping track of all of her doctor's visits. Not looking forward to Monday. I miss my students and I miss making music with them, but it sounds like it will be a rough transition back into my teaching schedule. Not to mention, the dr. this morning scheduled another appointment for Addison in between my two classes on Monday so I will be running around not unlike a chicken with its head cut off. Trying to remind myself to just take it one day at a time-one class at a time-one doctor's appointment at a time. I'm so thankful that I don't have to do this all in my own strength. Several times I have gotten everything ready for her appointment and started heading out the door only to realize that I left her sitting on the floor in her nursery. Wow I would look dumb to show up to her doctors appointment with only a well stocked diaper bag in hand....


  1. Continuing to pray for you guys! Addison is just precious!

  2. I've been praying for ya'll so much! Are the drs weighing Addison at the same time each day? We had to micromanage Lily's weight for several weeks b/c she wasn't gaining at all. We kept getting different readings each day so we finally decided to do it at the same time each day (we did it every morning before she had her first bottle) and we seemed to get much better least it was less discouraging for us!

  3. Deanna, when your sister Bekah was born, her nurse announced that Bekah had "kissey" lips...
    Addison has those same lips. I could look her pictures all day....

    I am sorry you had another rough day....please know we love you and are praying for you!

  4. For those of us who don't know (probably only me) - what exactly do you "do". Are you a band teacher in a highschool, or how does that work? Also, how are you going to manage with Addison and working too? I'm marveling you. Here in Germany the moms get 1 yr. off of work after they have a baby, and BY LAW get their job back after that year. But it sounds like you enjoy what you do, so that's really good.
    I'm also super impressed that Addison is already rolling sort of over! My 2 didn't start that until 4-5 months, and they didn't have all of the surgeries at the beginning to recover from! Go Addison!

  5. Hey! This is Liz! I love reading your posts every day! I love being able to keep up with Addison's progress. We are praying for her and hope to meet her in person some day soon! We love you guys and have no doubt that the Lord chose the right parents for her! Love you guys!

  6. Deanna,

    Ellen so was excited when you came to CVU to visit with your beautiful daughter. She told me all about her outfit and now seeing her photos confirms how wonderful she is. The kids are so "ready" for your return, but Ellen and others realize how difficult this must be for you and having to spread yourself even more than you already are. Your blog is inspiring and your love and strength for Addison are the best definition of good parenting. Know that Ellen and I will do everything we can to help with the numbers at CVU. On a lighter note, if the schedule works for freshman to take strings, Colin will join Ellen as a viola player so you will have two violas:-)Let us know how we can help-in any way!

  7. using the same scale also helps to get a significant result and as Kelly said, at the same time of the day .... keep up the great work ...


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