Thursday, April 8, 2010

First Mall Venture

Today Addison and I miraculously didn't have any doctor/nurse/therapist appointments (the only day all week) so we took advantage of our freedom by going shopping for some going back to work clothes that will actually fit. Addison was a complete angel and slept almost the entire time we were out. It amazes me the reaction that I get when people notice her and the fact that she is on oxygen. I'm not sure which hurts more-people seeing it and then ignoring her because they feel uncomfortable or the pity looks and comments. It always startles me to see people respond this way because I honestly don't see the nasal cannula any more. I don't even see the Down Syndrome. When I look at Addison, I just see the most beautiful baby in the world and I just feel incredibly blessed that she is mine. Just a note- I don't know about other people who have children with differences, but for me, the best thing that friends/family/complete strangers can say or do is to focus on the fact that Addison is a beautiful baby and recognize that all of the other stuff is just part of what makes her amazing. To go to the store and have people judgmentally ask "what's wrong with your baby?" or to have people find out that she has Down Syndrome to say oh I am so sorry in a tone of voice which suggests that your baby is no longer worth celebrating- these thing are harder to deal with than the Down Syndrome itself. When we were pregnant with Addison and we found out that she would have Down Syndrome, it was amazing the responses that we got. People reacted as if we had lost our baby. Most felt very awkward around us and really said nothing and others focused only on the negative and how awful this was. We really struggled, until we realized that this is no mistake. This isn't a situation where you say "I'm sorry". This is God's perfect plan for our daughter's life. Why would you be sorry about something that He has chosen for us in His infinite wisdom? We decided that this is His will for us and we wouldn't want anything else. When you meet my baby for the first time, what I wish is for you to look at her as you would any other baby. She is a beautiful miracle from God. Appreciate her for how God has made her. Looks of pity and and feeling sorry for us just won't cut it. This is what God has for us and we are striving to be the best possible parents we can be. One thing is for sure- I never dreamed that I could love anyone as much as I love Addison. God has made her perfectly and I wouldn't change a thing.

All dressed up and ready to go for my first shopping venture with mom

I'm withholding judgment of this shopping thing until I get a better sense for what's in it for me...

Mom's mission: to find some good sales. My mission: to poop all over my outfit....working, working...

Ahhh, mission accomplished...

Now, if I dance around like for some reason takes mom so much longer to change me...

It's a mystery...

So tired from the big shopping trip...I guess it wasn't so bad. Now I think I'll just lie here and be cute.

Mom put me up on her shoulder to try to get a picture, but I am quicker than she anticipated. ha. I'm getting good at flinging my body all around and creating new positions that I deem more comfortable.


  1. Deanna, you truly have the most adorable child. Each day my coworkers gather around to see your newest post and "ooh" and "aaahhh" over Addison. She's a gift and I'm so glad you see that. Never met her, but I love her. Praying for you guys.

  2. As I said in a previous post, Deanna, Addison is beautiful and perfectly designed by God. I love to see her pictures and read about her daily adventures! Thanks so much for sharing Addison with us!!

  3. Hey Deanna,

    I've really enjoyed following your blogs and wanted to say that I especially appreciate this one. God has blessed you in an incredible way by giving you little Addison. Christians need to get a hold of the fact that God is Sovereign in all and has a perfect plan for our lives. What a blessing to hear that you and Aaron realize that. I look forward to reading more!

  4. I love hearing your perspective. Thanks so much for writing! I love reading about all your adventures! :)

  5. Hey Deanna! It's Lindsey from church. Thanks for the wonderful posts. I especially loved your post today. Where I work I cross paths with people that have Down Syndrome almost on a daily basis. I love that I get to be around them because I get to step out of this "awkward/not sure what to do" phase and see the person who is there in front of you. I can't wait to meet Addison and get to know who she is!!!

  6. HA! Those pants rock! Too cute!
    Good for you Deanna! God definitely knew what He was doing when He gave Addison to you guys - He knew you all would be able to rise above society's attitude towards Down's and see that your little girl is just as precious, beautiful, unique, and a gift as any other little girl! (Actually she's gotten some babies way beat in the area of gorgeous). I keep on noticing her perfect rosebud lips.

  7. Great post Deanna. Addison is precious and worth celebrating. ;-) Hope you guys are well.

  8. another intresting blog to read. Thanks for sharing. My friends daughter has also Downsyndrom . She is now 8 years old, goes to regulary school ( Firstgrad) She is a great skier and loves to swim. She is well known in the village she lives in. and looks also very cute. She talks and loves to eat. Her Mom takes care of healthy food, but the junk food she gets at her grandma's house.

    Have a wonderful weekend with not too much appointments

  9. Deanna - Thank you for sharing your family with us. Addison is beautiful! Please know that many are praying for you and your little family - for strength, courage and healing (Addison's heart) - our God is an amazing God and His timing is perfect. I know Grandma Ruth is very excited to meet Addision. You sure encourage me with your blogs. many continued blessing to you all - jill/fmlh

  10. I just read through your entire blog and had tears in my eyes almost the whole time. What a beautiful little girl you have!! I guess I am only a couple months ahead of you in this new journey we both find ourselves on, Russell will be six months next week. Its not always easy, I have ups and downs still, but it is so, so worth it!
    This post touched me because I remembered how I felt when we were first told about Russell. I HATED people saying how sorry they were for me! One doctor came over to me and Brad as we sat holding Russell in the NICU and she burst into tears!!! Telling me how sorry she was for me, talk about professional! I was so angry at her! I sat there with a smile on my face comforting her because I didnt know what else to do! Russell to me was ALWAYS perfect, I have always believed he is exactly who he was meant to be. I dont want anyone to feel sorry for me, or for Russell, because there is nothing to be sorry about.
    I find the only people who really know how I feel are other Moms who have children with Down Syndrome. We all share such similar feelings, and through our blogs we can reach out and help one another through the tough times and share all our joys in the good.
    I look forward to following your blog, your daughter is adorable and such a little fighter! I admire the strength you have as a first time Mom, you must be an amazing woman!
    Loved seeing pictures of Addison, what a sweetheart!


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