Friday, April 2, 2010

An April sun dress day

Chillin' out in her very first sundress...Mommy got lucky that it was warm enough in April to wear this dress.... I think she pulls it off pretty well. (totally unbiased opinion)

Now, Addison is a sweet little baby, but she also has quite an arm on her...
Daddy has to learn to stop playing so rough with her...he has met his match...

Grandma stopped by to drop off the finished Easter dress (pics to follow) and say goodbye as she will be out of town for a week. As you can tell, Addison looks pretty sad to not see her for a week. (I'm sure she is also thinking about how she hasn't met her other Grandma yet...)

She had a big day today. Her nurse came for a visit as well as her Physical therapist. And tonight we took her with us to dinner at Doug and Linda's house. (which was wonderful (-: , Thank you! ) She was an angel all day.

She loved to just sun herself especially today since it was so warm

Just wanted to report that she seems to be enjoying her baths more...

....sort of...

Last night was a little rough, not because Addison was being bad, but because we are on our last feeding bag to put the food down her G-tube and it wasn't working. Her 12:00am feed stretched all the way until 2:00am as I struggled to get the food to drip into her G-tube. I finally pulled out a syringe and slowly fed the food directly in. When I finally dropped into bed shortly after 2, I didn't realize that I left all of the currently pumped breast milk out on the counter and also she ended up just pushing the whole food back out into the syringe over the course of the night so it was all for naught. I win the horrible mother award for last night. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, it just isn't good enough. Thankfully, Addison doesn't seem to hold it against me...she is just such a sweetheart. I can't imagine life without her or her changed at all. She is the most perfect baby. There were days during my pregnancy that I never dreamed that I could say that in all honestly, but I am now to that point. I am so thankful that God has given us Addison.


  1. You are right. She is absolutely perfect. : )
    ~ Jenni Jex

  2. She IS perfect, and SO beautiful in that dress!!

  3. You are a wonderful Mom- you love her with all of your heart and that's what shewill know and remember. God bless you with the everyday details-He can make up the difference.

  4. What a great post, Deanna. I was sappy enough already today, before I read this! Thanks for writing and being so transparent. You will be a great help and comfort to someone else one day. Thanking God with you for Addison. ~Stacey


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