Friday, March 26, 2010

Feeding Addison

Well, it is after 11 and I am just now able to pour myself my morning cup of coffee that was ready hours ago. This morning has been a little tramatic- starting at 8am. I was sleeping rather peacefully (after a rather fitful night) and my phone rang. It was one of the Early Intervention workers. "I am here for our 8:00am appointment and I am on your street but can't seem to find your house" Talk about a swift wake-up call. Turns out the EI workers miscommunicated, so she said that she would come back at 10am with everyone else. Anyway, I was up, so I got ready, tidied up the house a bit (AKA threw large objects such as folded blankets over piles of papers) and got Addison all ready for her company. They said that the Feeding specialist was coming as well, so I waited to give her her bottle until she would be finishing it up when they were here. Turns out the feeding specialist did not come and little miss Addison decided to be a drama queen with the bottle and sputter and cough and then fall asleep as soon as everyone got there. So, she is sleeping in my lap without having gotten her whole feed while my living room is full of Early Intervention workers overwhelming me with information and acronyms I have never heard of. So, they all just left and I just got the chance to give Addison the rest of her feeding through her Gtube as well as all of her morning medicines (she is currently on 4). Pictured above is her in her crib getting her food through that tube which goes directly into her stomach. In case you are concerned about the color of my breast milk, let me just say that she is on a pretty strong multivitamin that recolors everything it touches.
This is the feeding bag that we put the milk and medicines in and then gravity feeds it down the tube. The blue lever allows us to control how fast it feeds down. We have learned from experience that if it goes down too fast, we will see it all again. This is especially awful when the multivitamin is in the feed. (-: I wanted to post a picture of the tube going directly into her stomach, but since it is still healing and doesn't look very pretty, I will spare you that detail. She gets fed 7 times a day- the majority of the feedings is fed to her this way since we are still working on her endurance with the bottle. It wears her out too much to do all of her feedings by mouth, so we let her do what she is physically capable of and then give her the rest through the tube so that she can still get proper nutrition.

On an entirely different note, I am making these chocolate chip cookies: tonight. Well, I actually made them last night, but they have to refrigerate for at least 24 hours before you bake them. My husband was pretty upset to learn that these cookies had to be waited on, especially after I showed him the picture. The looks he gave me suggested that I had done the cruelest thing known to mankind- tell him I was making these amazing cookies and then make him wait a day to try them. Pretty excited to see how this new recipe turns out. I love trying new recipes!


  1. Thanks for starting this blog, Deanna. It will be so good to keep up with you, Aaron and Addison this way!

  2. Deanna, I just finished reading your blog, and I can only say that I consider you to be amazing. I am looking forward to reading more posts. I can't wait to come over and meet your charming little girl.

  3. Great blog! Love your pictures and I'm so happy for you in your new family. Wait, I've already said that, but it's true!!

  4. Thanks for the update. :)

  5. Again, I love reading your blog, Deanna!! I have added it to my favorites. Addison is so sweet! Those cookies look delicious, but after looking over the recipe, I think it's beyond my baking abilities! Maybe I can talk your mom into making some and letting me have a sample!!


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